Hearthstone players angry over weak Priest cards in new expansion

The Priest class is currently one of the weakest (if not the weakest) in Hearthstone, and the Blizzard team openly admit to this as well.   The numbers from recent tournaments speak of itself: only 1 of the 48 decks played were Priest in Blizzcon 2016, 1 of 64 decks were Priest at the America and Europe Winter Championships, and NONE of the 80 decks were Priest at the America and Spring Championships.

Priest players were crossing their fingers hoping that the new One Night in Karazhan expansion would introduce new cards that would help Priest decks become competitive again in ladder/tournament play, or at least in Arena.  Many players identified the problem with Priest being the lack of quality early drops, often leaving Priest decks to be overran by Aggro decks such as Shaman and Warlock.  So what did One Night in Karazhan bring to Priest player?  A medicore 4 and 5-drop, and possibly the worse card to have ever been introduced in an expansion: Purify.

hearthstone purify

It doesn’t take a pro to realize how bad this card is…

First of all, Priest already has a card from the Classic set called Silence, which for 0 mana can allow you to Silence ANY minion.  Silence is already a card that is rarely played, so why would anyone in their right mind want to have a card that costs 2 mana that can ONLY silence a friendly minion, with the only upside being able to draw a card??

The questioning over the Hearthstone team’s logic for designing such a card has led to a number of informative and entertaining reaction posts and videos.  Below are a few that have caught our attention:

A short video contemplation of various reactions from the game’s top influencers:

Kripp breaks down in detail everything that is wrong with Purify:

Speaking of Kripp, a fan made a hilarious parody with Kripp and Ben Brode battling it out Yu-Gi-Oh style (with Purify):

More humor: Disguised Toast has found a wonderful way to use Purify in this video:

So what cards can actually benefit from Purify?  Reddit user Huubidi compiles a list in this Reddit post (it’s not very long).

And finally, a mock conversation between Priest players and Blizzard outlining the history of new Priest cards,


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