Clash Royale Tournament Strategy: Prince

Don’t call it a comeback!  After dropping in popularity in the recent metas, everyone’s favorite first Epic (that or Baby Dragon) is making his way back into a number of competitive decks!  Here’s everything you need to know to get the most out of the handsome jouster:

Tournament Play Notes:
Some important statistics:

  • Prince starts his sprint on his horse’s third stride, which takes about 2 seconds to get to  
  • A sprinting Level 4 Prince can take out a Level 7 Musketeer with one hit!
  • While Prince is listed a melee troop, he is actually able to attack troops that are right on the edge of the other side of the river.
  • Prince’s hitpoints at level 4 (1463) is comparable to that of a level 7 Valkyrie (1548), but damage per second is significantly more (212 v.s. 140)
  • A level 4 Prince and level 7 Mini P.E.K.K.A. directly trades with each other (without Prince’s charge), so whoever that lands the first blow will survive the 1-on-1 battle (without any additional damage from other troops, buildings or towers).

Strong Against:

Ranged Troops: At tournament caps, Prince can 1-hit Archers, 2-hit Musketeers and Wizards, and 3-hit Ice Wizards while having a strong enough body to absorb the damage.

Crown Towers: Aside from dealing double damage, the Prince’s sprint turns his speed from Medium to Very Fast!  One hit on your opponent’s Crown Tower will knock off 638 HP!

Ground tower attackers: While he is not able to deal standing damage as quickly as Mini P.E.K.K.A. and Barbarians, Prince is nevertheless still effective against the likes of Miner/Hog Rider/Giant/Royal Giant.  What make him even more deadly is his ability to quickly sprint into a counterattack…

Weak Against:
Small troops/swarms: As Prince is only able to target one troop at a time, he is easily stopped by small troops such as Goblins and Skeletons.  

Guards: At only 3-cost, Guards are arguably the best direct counter to Prince.  Their shield will stop Prince’s charge attack with ease, and one or more of the Guards will actually survive the direct encounter with Prince.

Tombstone: Prince’s old nemesis since Arena 2, the non-stop flow of Skeletons will prevent Prince from every building up its sprint.

Combo Cards:
Zap: Zap is arguably every card’s combo card due to its versatility, but Zap is especially useful for Prince players for its ability to instantly deal with small troops.  Use Zap to clear out the Goblins standing between your Prince and their Crown Tower, or even just to shock some Minions so your Prince has enough health to reach your opponent’s Crown Tower with his sprint.  

Dark Prince: The now-classic Prince/Dark Prince combo.  Dark Prince helps clear out swarms while Prince focuses on heavy damage on the bigger troops.

Barbarians/Valkyrie: A little used combo due to its high cost, but playing Prince with Barbarians can lead to some deadly results!  Use Prince’s charge to push your Barbarians forward, and let your Barbs hack away at any troops/buildings standing in their way while absorbing damage, clearing the path for your Prince to the Crown Tower!  Watch out for area attack troops/spells and Minion Hordes though!  Valkyrie is also effective in clearing Prince’s path without being as susceptible to area damage.  

Tournament Tactics:
Giant deck: (Suggested combo cards: Giant, Guards, Musketeer, Zap, Poison, Mini P.E.K.K.A)
Prince is the ultimate counter attacker, with sufficient HP to absorb attacks on defense and the ability to quickly reach from one end of the arena to the other while sprinting.  This deck works similar to the standard Giant/Trifecta decks that are currently popular in the meta: when Prince is ready to counterattack, deploy your Giant right in front of your Prince so your Giant can absorb all the troop/tower attacks while Prince pokes away from behind.  Play Musketeer for some ranged support, and Guards/Mini P.E.K.K.A for additional defense and melee damage.  If your opponent’s troops are all scrambled up in trying to take the Giant down, play your Poison to slow them down while your Prince and other troops continue to deal damage.

The below clips show how effective the Prince counter attack can be behind the Giant: even though the opponent has a number of melee troops that would normally be effective against Prince, the Giant’s ability to absorb damage and Musketeer’s long range attack helps keep the Prince alive, forcing the opponent to over commit on his Elixir spend in order to stop the attack.

The Wago deck: (Suggested combo cards: Barbarians, Hog Rider, Baby Dragon, Zap, Poison, Skeletons, Cannon/Tombstone)
This is the non-Legendary deck that got me to 3800 trophies at level 10.  The deck’s strength is in its ability to counter just about any type of troop, while having strong enough bodies to take multiple hits and not get one-shot by most spells.  When defending with Prince, the key is to keep your Prince’s HP high enough for a counter attack. If your Prince is taking damage on defense from the likes of Mini P.E.K.K.A and Musketeer, use your Skeletons to absorb the blows or even take them out.  

Baby Dragon is considered to be a weak card in the current meta, but its ability to stay alive and help take out small troops is invaluable in this deck.  If you think your opponent is going to play Minions or Minion Hordes on defense, preempt this by playing Baby Dragon behind your attackers.

As mentioned above, a Barbarians/Prince counter attack can take down your opponent’s tower in no time if they are not ready to defend it.  In the gameplay below, notice how I used the Barbarians to protect the Prince on defense.  Unlike Giant, Barbarians are able to deal out the damage while absorbing the hits.  Even if your opponent uses Poison (or Princess in this case) on defense, the high speed counter push from Prince and/or Hog will help get the Barbarians to the Crown Tower before their HP is depleted.  As this sort of push is very costly, be sure that your opponent is relatively low of Elixir, or lack the right counter cards (ie. Minion Horde, Cannon, Ice Wizard, Guards, etc.) to effectively stop your troops from reaching the Crown Tower.

Playing against Prince:

The key to stopping Prince is to stop its Sprint.  Small troops (Skeletons/Goblins/Ice Spirits/Fire Spirits) or Zap are the most cost effective way of doing this.  Guards and Barbarians both trade well against Prince, as both troops can survive a direct encounter with Prince.  Always try to lure Prince away from your Crown Tower, or stop him right on his tracks at the middle of the Arena if your opponent has a tendency to combo him up with spells such as Poison or Fireball.  Against Giant decks where Prince is hiding behind the Giant, targeting is key.  Wait until Prince (or any troops behind Giant for that matter!) crosses over to your side of your Arena and attack him from behind.

One mistake players often make against Prince is underestimating his strength and health.  As mentioned above, one sprinting hit from a level 4 Prince will instantly knock off 638 health from your tower – so even if you have waste a Zap for that last hit or use your Mini P.E.K.K.A or Valkyrie to absorb that charging blow, it is probably worth doing so.  Always have your at least one of counter cards ready for Prince and don’t overcommit on offense unless you are sure it is worth it, otherwise you’ll quickly find yourself on the receiving end of the Prince’s lance!



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  2. Mike Hunt

    My Prince deck that is really good is based around a Prince/Fire Spirit/Zap combo. At tournament standar d fire spirits and zap kill barbs, leaving a perfect opportunity for the prince to do massive damage to the tower.

  3. Sha

    Is it a bug that log doesn’t stop the princes charge.

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Nope! The Prince is considered a bigger until than Barbarians and Hog Rider so he’s not suppose to be stopped by the Log

  4. BiMM

    So princes are lame and get destracted to easy. My deck is Giant zap wiz witch hog barbs minion hoard and spear goblins. Works great. Drop a giant with a wiz or witch behind it. Than take the wiz or witch which ever one you didn’t use first and keep it behind your side. If they over play drop a hog to the opposite side. Sofa Kingdom for lyfe.

  5. NOT U



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