Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (August 12th)

A little late with the Card Power Rankings again this week as we have been very busy preparing for our big tournament announcement next week!  After a surprising re-entry back into the Top 10 last week, Prince has fallen out of favor with top players this week and saw its usage significantly decrease (we still think it’s a great card – read all about it in our strategy guide!).  Otherwise, the top cards feature mainly the same familiar faces with a bit of shuffling up and down the rankings.  A balance change is definitely long overdue – crossing our fingers that the Clash Royale team will make an announcement soon!

Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (August 12th)

Rank Card Last Week’s Rank
1 Zap  zap 1 Zap’s one second shock can easily tilt a battle in favor of one side over another, especially for heavy hitting troops like Mini P.E.K.K.A where one extra slice makes all the difference.  And to think that some players thought a 1-second shock was meaningless when it was first suggested by us!
2 Elixir Collector elixir_collector 4 Top players just can’t get enough of that Elixir advantage – 80% of the Top 30 players this week have been using the Pump in their decks.
3 Mini P.E.K.K.A mini_PEKKA 2 (tied) Mini P.E.K.K.A. is a card that is easy to learn but hard to master.  Anyone knows how to use Mini P.E.K.K.A. on defense, but it’s how to navigate her all the way to your opponent’s Crown Tower while protecting her with your troops and spells that’s the challenge.
4 Guards GuardsCard 6 With Mini P.E.K.K.A. now more popular than ever, Guards are quickly becoming an essential card for most decks.
5   Princess PrincessCard 10 After fallen to the bottom of the Rankings last week, Princess has seen her usage increase again this week.
6 Poison  PoisonCard 2 (tied) A surprising dip in usage for Poison this week after consistently being a Top 3 card in the past weeks.  In place of Poison, it appears some players are now experimenting with Lightning again, as the spell card just missed the Top 10 this week.
7 Giant  giant 5 Still effective as ever despite a small drop in usage this week for Giant.  Are top players finally starting to figure out how to effectively counter the Giant/support pushes?
8 Musketeer   MusketeerCard 7 Musketeer is most probably the best troop to cosplay from the Clash Royale roster.  Or Hog Rider if you happen to have a Pig you can ride on.
9 Miner  MinerCard-1 8 It’s been a month since the Clash Royale team had mentioned that Miner will have its deploy time changed back to 1 second!  Again, the next round of balance changes can’t come soon enough.
10 (tied) Minions minions NEW Minions make their way back into the rankings this week, along with…
10 (tied) Skeletons skeleton NEW … Skeletons.  You really can’t go wrong with either of these support troops: While Minions can also be a threat on offense, Skeletons are able to distract ground troops and only cost 1-Elixir.  Which one do you prefer??


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  1. Sam

    I prefer minions to skeletons. In my opinion, wizard is the easiest troop to cosplay, all you have to do is wear a blue or red robe with hood, belt it and fix the beards(that’s if you don’t have it already), also barbs are easy to cosplay, you just have to die your hair blonde if you ain’t blonde and wear a barbaric skirt then you’re a barbarian.

  2. Aleka



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