Clash Royale developers address questions on gold shortage, win-trading, and other issues

Earlier this month, the Clash Royale team reached out to the community through the official forum for questions they may have for the game development team.  After sifting through the 33 pages of questions, the team finally provided answers to 11 of the most frequently ask questions about the game.  We have copied the answers below (original post can be found here), along with our comments on each of the answers:

Q: Do you plan on addressing the gold shortage?
A: ‘Yes, we certainly do. The team has several ideas at the moment to introduce new gold into the system. We wanted to take a cautious approach to begin with, and not let everyone have mass amounts of gold as you would see a mass influx of players with high level cards. So now that we have a baseline, we can start introducing new gold into the system.’
MoEsport: It’s great to see the team outright acknowledge that there is an imbalance with the gold economy in the game. Knowing that there will soon be more ways to get more gold in the game, it’s probably a good idea to hold off from spending Gems on buying gold for the time being!

Q: What is the actual algorithm used to generate legendary drops from chests?
A: ‘Someone from the reddit community has actually already discovered this, and you can read about it here.’
MoEsport: An unexpected blunt answer from the dev team to confirm the actual drop rates of the chests! The Reddit link is a must read for anyone who cares about the game’s drop rates (which should be everyone!)

Q: Will any sort of ‘Clan VS Clan’ tournaments be added to the game?
A: ‘Its something we love the idea of, and originally it was quite high on the priority list, however currently our main focus is to rework tournaments, and get them to a standard we, and our users are happy with.’
MoEsport: Not too much of a surprise here given the info they shared with the community back in June.  We’re more curious about how the tournaments are going to be reworked!

Q: How do you feel about the ripple effect caused by the end of season trophy reset? Why should level 8’s have to face level 13’s for several days after the reset?
A: ‘This is also something we want to address. We want people to have a reason to push up in trophies, as currently there isn’t much of a reason other than fame and glory. Today (Monday 15th), we did a small maintenance that helps players in the lower arenas push higher, and now we need to help the other end of the trophy spectrum. We are looking into a few options to do with the reset, legendary trophies and incentives.’
MoEsport: Not having much incentive to trophy push is a sentiment shared by many of the game’s players right now.  Again, it’s nice to see the devs acknowledging this problem, but the answer doesn’t exactly give us any insights on what kind of changes can be expected.

Q: What would you do differently if you were go back during the initial development phase of legendary cards?
A: ‘We would have added more legendary cards in one hit, so people would have had a higher chance to obtain them. The more legendary cards in the game, the higher the chance of getting one.’
MoEsport: Judging from the comments here and in just about every Clash Royale social media post, it appears that there are still many players out there who do not have a single Legendary card.  The 31% increase in Legendary drop rates with the introduction of new cards has helped, but we feel more should be done to allow long time players to earn at least 1 or 2 Legendaries if they don’t already have them.

Q: Do you plan on adding any purpose for legendary trophies?
A: ‘Yes, although we cant say what yet, though it is certainly something we want to do.’
MoEsport: Perhaps the team did have a purpose for legendary trophies, but with the prevalence of win-trading they’d like had to shelve whatever plans that they had.

Q: Is the matchmaking rigged in any way, shape or form?
A: ‘Yes. For the most part, the matchmaking system is only based on trophy count. Decks and player XP do not come into the matchmaking system at all, so its not as if you will be forced to play with someone who has a counter to your deck. Its just that there are millions of players, so people are bound to have counters to your deck. However, if you are on a losing streak, the matchmaking will try to pair you with someone else who is on a losing streak, to help break them. The only other feature of matchmaking is dealing with trophy droppers, there are not many of them, but the system does try and pair higher level players with each-other in the lower arenas if possible.’
MoEsport: Interesting for the team to acknowledge that there is some rigging with matchmaking!  With what has been described above, I do think the “rigs” are done with the best interest of the game’s players in mind.  I hope this only applies to ladder and not tournament matchmaking though!

Q: Were your surprised at the reaction to your statement on emotes? 73% of people on the forum alone were frustrated with your decision.
A: ‘Yes, we were a little surprised. We knew people would be upset, but we didn’t quite expect that many people. For the mean time, we are keeping our stance on emotes, but never say never. One thing we are looking at is the potential of making them more positive, so its harder to be insulting with them. Whether this means customizable emotes or buying them like you could in Smash Land, who knows. Its not something we are working on at the moment, but could be down the track.’
MoEsport: Galadon once noted in his stream that no matter what emote you use, it can be interpreted as an insult by the opposing player.  So if the team really wants to make it harder for players to insult with emotes… Good Luck! *laughing King emote*

Q: What determines the cards you get in a chest, is it randomised luck, or some sort of system?
A: ‘For the most part it is luck. Though the system does try to keep your cards all around the same level. For example, you may have noticed when a new card comes out, you tend to find it in just about every chest. This is the system trying to catch it up to your other cards.’
MoEsport: No surprise here, as it’s pretty obvious to those of us who have been around since soft launch.

Q: Will you be addressing win-trading and buying tournament chests?
A: ‘Yes, we certainly will be. Win trading is a little more tricky as its technically not against the ToS, and is part of the game mechanics, though it does go against ‘the spirit of the game’, and is something we want to enforce. Buying tournament places with real money is a little easier to stop, and we will certainly be looking at that as well.’
MoEsport: Almost with every answer, the team has acknowledged the problem without revealing anything on how they plan to fix it.  Maybe we are reading too much into the words, but “will certainly be looking at that as well” doesn’t sound like they’re working on any solutions for it at the moment!  I do presume though that the tournament chest buying problem will be slightly rectified with the next game update (which I predict will fix the current Tournament Mode economy).

Q: Does the team notice the community is being contagiously toxic at the moment?
A: ‘Yes we do, and that is something we are going to endeavour to change.’
MoEsport: Is it just me or do the CR devs team sound like politicians with these answers??

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