Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (Aug 26th)

Apologies to our readers for the lack of new content this week as the team has been focused on preparing for the Northern Arena Clash Royale Tournament happening next week!  The timing of the tournament couldn’t have been better, as the new balance change finally dropped earlier this week with some much needed buffs and nerfs.  And as anticipated, there has been some major movements with this week’s Card Power Rankings…

Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (August 26th)

Rank Card Last Week’s Rank
1 Elixir Collector  elixir_collector 3 Zap has finally been dethroned! With Giant decks dominating this meta for the foreseeable feature, it’s important as ever for players to try and build up their Elixir advantage for a big push.  It also helps that Miner’s usage has dropped significantly with his nerf…
2 (tied) Musketeer  MusketeerCard 6 (tied) The highest spot yet for the Musketeer! With Princess being nerfed (she falls outside of the Top 10 for the first time this week), Musketeer has become the #1 ranged troop option in the game.
2 (tied) Zap zap 1 No longer as dominant as before with a 0.5 shock duration nerf, but still very effective for resetting targeting and getting rid of small troops.
2 (tied)  Poison
PoisonCard 5 A card that was widely expected to be nerfed, Poison was untouched by this balance change, and remains as one of the most popular and effective spells in the game.
5   Guards GuardsCard 4 The shielded trio remains in the middle of the pack this week.  Speaking of shields, the shield-wielding Dark Prince was played by only 1 of the top 30 ladder players this week despite its generous attack buff…
6 Ice Spirit ice-spirit NEW Now this is a bit of a surprise! With Zap being nerfed, more players are counting on the Ice Spirit’s 2 second freeze to give their troops sufficient time to deal out damage. It’ll be interesting to see if Ice Spirit will become a staple in our rankings.
7 Giant  giant 6 (tied) Unaffected by the balance change while its Royal cousin got a nerf, you can expect to see a lot of Giant decks from top players for some time to come.  Also worth noting is that Giant/Bowler decks have become more popular, with the Bowler sitting just outside the Top 10 this week.
8 (tied) Hog Rider T42 NEW The Hog is back! Many top players are still trying to find a consistent deck to win with under the new meta (with Giant decks being the most consistent), and the Hog is finding its way in a variety of different decks.
8 (tied) Mini P.E.K.K.A
 mini_PEKKA 2 A rather surprising big drop for Mini P.E.K.K.A this week as the card was unaffected by the recent balance change.  One possible cause for the drop is the emergence of Lumberjack as a viable option at the 4-Elixir melee spot – not many Lumberjack players in the Top 30 yet, but this may increase next week!
10 Ice Wizard IceWizardCard 10 (tied) Ice Wizard once again rounds out the Top 10 for this week.  While suffering from a small hitpoints nerf, the Ice Wizard is still efficient in slowing down incoming troops.


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