Clash Royale season trophy reset increased to 4000 – here are the implications

A rather big and unexpected update was pushed out by the Clash Royale team this morning: starting this season, trophy resets will happen at 4000 Trophies instead of 3000.  While this change sounds good on paper, there are a number of major implications (positive and negative) with this change.  Here’s our analysis on what to expect:

1) Less Players at the 3000 trophy range / More players in Legendary Arena
According to the Clash Royale team, the main motive for this increase is to allow more players to enter and spend time in the Legendary Arena, rather than having a logjam of players around the 3000 trophy range after every season.  Players that are struggling to stay above 3000 trophies after every season (especially those at Level 9 or below) should be happy know that the likelihood of them encountering high level players after every season has significantly decreased.

Wago season

Last time I’ll be earning 905 Legendary Trophies…

2) Much fewer Legendary Trophies will be awarded
We still don’t know what Legendary Trophies are good for (the devs did say they want to do SOMETHING with it!), but one thing’s for sure: you’re probably not going to be earning any if you’re a free-to-play (F2P) player.  Getting to 4000 trophies will a very steep climb, and I can speak from first hand experience: as a Level 10 player, I reached 3905 trophies this past season.  My cards are strong for a level 10 (Level 5 Epics, Level 8 Rares, Level 12 Commons), but by the time I was at 3700 trophies I was routinely going up against Level 11 and 12s with cards at least 1 level higher than mine.  I was ranked 4633 this past season, which means that there are probably only about 4000 players that finished about 4000 trophies.  So instead of 200,000+ players earning a rank and Legendary Trophies, only about 4000-5000 players will have that honor after each season.

3) Seasons lose their meanings for F2P players
As stated above, season resets use to have a significant meaning for 200,000+ players as they strive to reach their highest trophy count before the end of each season.  And while the first day of season resets are chaotic and often full of terrible mismatches (Level 9 vs Level 13s!), it is also the only time where ordinary players can make a trophy push and see their names in the rankings.  Now?  You’ll likely be seeing the same names on the leaderboards on a permanent basis.  Adding to the fact that leaderboards are dominated by those who participate in win-trading (an issue many of the game’s influencers are not shy to voice out against), there’s even less reason now for casual players to care about who the top ranked players are in the game.

Many long time players who are in the 3000-4000 trophy range have been complaining about the lack of incentive to trophy push, and this trophy reset increase change unfortunately makes trophy pushing even less compelling.  And with tournament mode still “broken” (I thought fixing it was the Clash Royale team’s priority??), there’s just not a whole lot for players who have reached the “endgame” (3000+ Trophies) but far from reaching the 4000 trophy level to play for.



  1. Trevor

    I just now ranked up above 3k trophies. I’m currently around 3150 now. Are you saying that after the end of the season I will not receive any legendary trophies? Or do I still get legendary trophies, but my trophy count will not be reset at the end of the season to 3k? Please let me know…as I’m very confused by this.

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Yes you will not get any legendary trophies until you reach 4000

      1. Clasher12399

        Will you get reset though?

  2. xd

    no u wont

  3. Reaper (clan : New Towel House)

    Hi, im a level 10 who just broke 4000 trophies, and my card levels are 10 for commons, 7 and one 8 (fireball) for rares, level 3 epics and level 1 for legendaries. It’s possible to play against players who are exponentially better than you, so don’t get discouraged. Many of the players who are playing with all level one cards and towers prove this. Just practice and come up with strategies to play against the new meta after every update, and know every card interaction for the cards you will see regularly.

  4. Lee

    If you finish above 4000 trophies one season and then below 4000 the next season, will you still get a rank for the previous season?

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      You won’t get any ranking for the season if you are below 4000. Your best rank will always stay though

  5. Perry

    It says trophies above 4000 trophies but what if I am at exactly 4000 trophies will I get the legendary record trophy?

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Good question – I think you do get a rank but not 100% sure

      1. Ben

        I am in this situation now, any update on whether you received legend trophies? I don’t want to risk dropping

  6. WoLF

    I have a trophies up to 4000 and does not appear legendary season why?


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