Northern Arena brings King Fly from the Rap Battlegrounds to the Clash Royale Arena

The Northern Arena Clash Royale Tournament in Toronto is now just days away!  To bring the energy level up a few notches, the tournament organizing committee invited 4 special Ambassadors to participate in the event.  Three of the Ambassadors – BBXH, Woody, and Clyde – are names that are more than familiar to the Clash Royale community.  However, our fourth Ambassador is someone who is much better known in another community: that of Battle Rap!

A key member of King Of The Dot (KOTD), King Fly has been involved with the hip hop scene in Toronto for many years.  As KOTD’s customer service rep/online operations manager, he runs most aspects of King of the Dot’s social media, and is involved in just about everything with KOTD.  For those who are not familiar with King Of The Dot, they are North America’s #1 urban entertainment company, providing a platform for artists to participate in all aspects of the hip hop culture, with the main focus being on live rap battles.  So what’s this got to do with Clash Royale?  King Fly has also been playing Clash Royale since the soft launch in Canada, and currently floats between 2900-3100 trophies!  He has over 2500 wins under his belt and 580 tournament matches played so far.   We had a chance to chat with King Fly to learn more about KOTD, as well as his unexpected interest in the world of Clash Royale:

King Fly in the middle of the action with Dizaster (far left), Bishop Brigante (middle), and Dumbfoundead (right)

King Fly in the middle of the action with Dizaster (far left), Bishop Brigante (middle), and Dumbfoundead (right)

MoEsport: I’m going to assume that many of our readers don’t know much about battle rap, with most having only been exposed to it from random highlight clips they come across on Youtube. What are some cool things about KOTD, or battle rappers in general that many people may not know about?

King Fly: Well one of the big misconceptions people have from time to time is that it’s all freestyle – but it’s not! Battlers know their opponent in advance so they have time to write and rehearse their performance. Also there is no beat; it’s all acapella. Kinda cool fact about KOTD: it started in an alleyway in 2008 with about 20 people in attendance, and we have worked our way up selling out one of the biggest (or was when it was still there) nightclubs in North America – The Guvernment. Drake also frequently attends our events and has even sponsored some of them.  We also recently received a certificate of recognition from councilman Norm Kelly and the city of Toronto for our 8th anniversary!

MoEsport: I’ll probably be the first to say this, but I can see some parallels between rap battles and eSports in that it takes skills, practice, preparation and a knack for performing under pressure in front a big audience! Like eSports, the rap battle scene has grown over the years, and have benefitted from the participation and support from big name celebrities such as Drake. So what came first for you – gaming or rapping?

King Fly: 100% agree there are tons of similarities between rap battles and eSports, especially in 1 vs 1 type games like Clash Royale.  For me it was the hip hop culture that came first however.  I have been involved in (hip hop) one way or another for years: everything from online radio shows, live performances and now with KOTD since late 2009 (I wasn’t around from the very start). Funny enough, it was being in KOTD and around its co-founder Organik that got me into eSports; more specifically Clash Of Clans first, then onto Clash Royale. Organik is in the KingOfTheDot CoC clan and its a very competitive war clan, as we are usually in the top 200 local. He got Clash Royale the day it was released and kept bugging me to try it. To be honest, i hated it at first because i couldn’t win *laughs* (I’m very competitive) but I think that drove me to figure it out even more. We both had the game since the soft launch in Canada.


When not busy rap battling, members of KOTD are battling it out in the Arena instead

MoEsport: Yes I was surprised to learn that both you and Organik were Legendary Arena players (and participants at our Live Qualifiers!).  What is it about Clash Royale that motivates you to play this game over other games? (and we can all definitely relate to the frustrations of losing!)

King Fly: Ugh, I’ve went down to ~2700 today since I came home, and I’m trying to get back up to Legendary before the tournament *laughs*. The only card i don’t have is Sparky; if i had that I think I could crack the new 4000 trophy reset stage! With Clash Royale, I love that it’s real time one-on-one battles versus another player, and you have to have good strategy and timing in order to win. I feel with Clash Royale I’m always learning each time I play a match.  Also, the social aspect of it with the clan system, friendly battles and chat adds to (the motivation). Our Clash Royale clan is also a KingOfTheDot clan, which both myself and Organik are in, and involves a couple battlers and a lot of fans.  It’s cool to be able to interact with them on a different platform.

MoEsport: It’s cool to hear that other battlers are playing the game as their past time! Last question: if you can wave a magic wand and add any feature into Clash Royale, what would it be?

King Fly: This is something I’ve actually thought about before. I know some people want the same type of clan vs clan wars like in Clash of Clans, but I’d rather see that feature come in and be restricted to only having the options to do 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3. I think this would add to the competitiveness as well as the social aspect of the game.

You can catch King Fly in Clash Royale action during the Northern Arena Live Qualifiers on Sept 3rd and Live Finals on Sept 4th.  Be sure to follow the MoEsport and Northern Arena Twitter accounts for all the latest!

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