Recap of the Northern Arena Clash Royale Live Qualifiers

The field is set for the Live Finals tomorrow at the Northern Arena Clash Royale Toronto Tournament!  Joining online qualifiers CMcHugh and Hazard for tomorrow’s quarterfinals will be today’s six live qualifiers: Innate, AwDaSea, Zhangsun CC Dashou, Manufan05, Light Pollux, and Siming Kuangke.


Our six finalists – #3 to 5 has the exact number of trophies!

The road to the finals was anything but easy: over 60 tournament-level participants battled live in our 2 hour Live Qualifiers tournament on September 3rd.  The field of contestants included numerous top ranking players with well over 4,000 trophies, as well as dominant tournament competitors who have won over 10,000 cards.  The final positions were nowhere close to being secured with 10 minutes left in the tournament, with Zhangsun CC Dashou and Light Pollux (both with personal bests of 4800+ trophies) still outside of the Top 6 at the time.

Clyde, one of our Tournament Ambassadors who was also competing as a live qualifier, was unable to hold onto a Top 6 spot after losing his final match against Laceration.  Meanwhile, Tournament Ambassador KingFly and Organik from KingoftheDot fought valiantly against the field of top notch players, and both secured a Top 50 position at the end of the tournament.  Both Ambassadors will join shoutcasters Woody and BBXH in a special Deck Draft tournament during tomorrow’s Finals!

Be sure to catch the exciting action live at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre at 10:30am EST on September 4th, or live on stream at!

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