Mixing it up: Femme Fatale’s MadeMoiselle shares her thoughts on Vainglory’s first coed tournament

One of the most outstanding traits about the Vainglory community is its abundance of skilled female players.  The Femme Fatale tournaments – a female-only Vainglory tournament – has been a highlight of this in the past.  Now, The organization behind Femme Fatale is back with another tournament, but with a new twist: this time the boys can play too!  To learn more about this new tournament format, we had a chance to speak with the brainchild behind the Fantasia IV tournament: Femme Fatale founder MadeMoiselle.

MoEsport: First of all, could you tell us a little more about yourself, for those who are not familiar with you?

MadeMoiselle: My IGN is MadeMoiselle and I have been playing Vainglory for almost two years now. I play on the European server, and occasionally on NA and SEA.  I became active in the community when I started to play a bit more competitive; this also gave me the opportunity to get in touch with a lot of other players and bond with them.

Due to device issues and real life priorities, I had to step back from competitive play. As I like being involved as much as possible in the things that I enjoy, I try to help the Vainglory community grow in any way that I can.  About a year ago, I came up with the idea of creating a tournament just for girls, which is known today as Femme Fatale.  With the passion and dedication from people like Sphix, Tatya, LadyWabeesh and Mysticfalls, as well as the amazing supportive female (and male) community, the organization has grown a lot since, and keeps on growing!

MoEsport: And we are big fans of the Femme Fatale organization!  Your upcoming tournament – Fantasia IV – will be the 4th tournament that you are organizing, is that correct?

MadeMoiselle: Third!  Sadly, we didn’t find time to organize one in spring.  We promised everyone though that we will make up by doing the next event twice as much fun, competitive and special!

MoEsport: Our mistake, we thought the IV in the title meant that it was the fourth tournament!  So could you tell us a little more about the reason behind the branding of the tournament as “Fantasia” rather than “Femma Fatale”, and what is the meaning behind the IV?

MadeMoiselle: First, the event is organized by four big known tournament organizations: Tesseract eSports, Vainglory Masters Series, eSport Arena Games and Femme Fatale (The IV indicates the number of organizations that are involved in this event).  Second, it has a large sponsorship support, from the likes of Mobcrush, Razer Arena, KOPLAYER and GankStars eSports.  Third, and the most important factor, is the mixed teams concept, which is being introduced for the first time in the Vainglory competitive scene.  Personally, as the organizer of this event, this will be the biggest challenge yet – because team coordination, team work, support, and synchronization are key factors to make this a successful event.

MoEsport: Sounds exciting!  How many teams are expected to compete in each region? and will the winners from each region also play against each other?

MadeMoiselle:  It is, haha!  That’s actually the nice part of being an organizer: the excitement and joy that you can feel while seeing your ideas blossom into something real!  As it is our first attempt at this tournament format, we decided to stick to the 8 teams per region system.  This time around all teams will compete in their own region; but maybe in the future, as the concept is further developed, we can look into the possibility of organizing a worldwide inter-regions tournament!

MoEsport: What has been the feedback on the new coed rule from the players so far?  How do you see coed play being different than say all-male or all-female teams?

MadeMoiselle:  The players answered positively and were quite hyped about this new concept, as they have the chance to play with their male friends as well!

MoEsport: You also mentioned that there is already a waitlist for NA and SEA! has it surprised you how well this tournament has been received?  And what advice do you have for players who have not signed up yet, but want to participate in the future?

MadeMoiselle: I did have some high expectations when the idea of the event first came up. But with the event date now approaching, I realize that my expectations were nothing compared to all that has happening up to this point!  The players are definitely interested in participating, partner organizations are more then ready to make this happen, and the sponsors are all very supportive as well!

My advice to the players that haven’t had a chance to sign up yet is to register as quickly as possible once the registration pages are open.  Also, having a direct contact with the organizers, or the organizations (through social media) will definitely help, as their names will become more familiar to them.

MoEsport: The competitive scene in Vainglory has definitely picked up over this past year, as we have just seen another major eSports organization enter the mix with Cloud9.  How do you see Femme Fatale/Fantasia being part of that mix?  Do you hope to one day see a female Vainglory player signed by a major eSports organization? 

MadeMoiselle: This is definitely one of our hopes! Femme Fatale offers and will always offer to its participants a place were they can not only show the world their competitive talents and skills, but also their amazing characters and personalities.  We will always support our community and we will always help and promote any female player who wishes to reach a higher competitive level.

MoEsport: And I believe the Fantasia tournament will be a great platform to help these competitive female players reach these levels.  Any final words to our readers?

MadeMoiselle: I want to close by saying that Vainglory has something special that makes the game stand out from other games: the community.  The people that are pushing this game to unimaginable limits are amazing and ambitious, and the mutual care for each other in the community is something you won’t find it anywhere else.  A lot of players I know find it harder to quit the community then the game itself.  I was once about to leave everything behind and focus on my real life, but in the end I couldn’t – Femme Fatale meant way too much for me! Brick by brick, everyone contributed to its foundation and built up what is known today as the Femme Fatale Tournament Organization. I owe this community a lot; because through them, I discovered the passion of organizing and planning!  I must truly thank everyone for the support, and we will definitely keep doing events for everyone!  I hope you will enjoy this upcoming event as well as the once that will follow!

MoEsport: And likewise the Vainglory community is very lucky to have a dedicated player and event organizer in you!  Best of luck with Fantasia IV!

For more information on Fantasia IV, be sure to check out the tournament website and follow Femme Fatale on Twitter!

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