Clash Royale Tournament Strategy: Mega Minion

With the release of the update, one new card will be released every two weeks. The first one will be a card with a familiar ring, but also quite different than anything else that’s currently in the game: the Mega Minion.

From what we can see, the Mega Minion is very similar to the regular Minions. Both cost three, and have around the same total DPS. The difference is that Mega Minion isn’t vulnerable to spells like Poison and Arrows, unlike Minions. Minions are a very versatile card, and can be used on defense and offense; similarly, the Mega Minion is effective on both sides of the arena too. It shines on offense, can take out Sparky, Mini P.E.K.K.A., Balloon, and many others before they can hit the Crown Tower; It can also shred through tanks. After using it on defense, you can pair it up with a tank or mini-tank for a deadly combo. However, the Mega Minion doesn’t seem to be as effective on offense as minions, because of it’s slower movement speed and single targeting.

The Mega Minion has similar health to a Musketeer or Witch, so it can’t be taken out by a fireball of the same level, but leaving it with a sliver of health. However, its damage is pretty high, making it a glass cannon. I like to think of it as a flying Musketeer, but with much less range.

Main Counters:

Musketeer: The Musketeer can snipe away at a safe range from the Mega Minion before it can deal damage.

Witch: The Mega Minion has an average attack speed, so it still takes a while for it to take out swarms. The Skeletons that the Witch spawns will distract the Mega Minion, while the Witch can take it out.  It’s best to pair up the Witch with the Crown Tower’s attack to be safe.

Tesla: A Tesla played at the right spot will be able to damage away at the Mega Minion before it hits the tower or the Tesla.

Combo Cards:

Royal Giant: It looks like the Mega Minion can pair up with the Royal Giant very well. Mega Minion can wipe out high damage melee cards such as Mini P.E.K.K.A. and Lumberjack before it can do too much damage to the Royal Giant.  As an air troop, it won’t be targeted by these ground troops either. It can also serve as an Inferno Tower distraction so the Royal Giant can take out the Tower before he gets melted.  Alternatively, you can also let the Royal Giant tank, while the Mega Minion takes out the Inferno Tower. The Mega Minion does decent DPS, so if the Crown Tower is locked onto the Royal Giant, a Mega Minion can devastate a Crown Tower. With the right support cards, a Royal Giant-Mega Minion combo can be very deadly.

Giant: Similar to the Royal Giant, the Mega Minion can efficiently take out counters to the Giant. I can see the Giant as a substitute for Princess/Bowler/Musketeer/Guards in the popular Giant-Poison deck. It’s also not vulnerable to Poison, so if the opponent poisons your Giant combo, your Mega Minion should still be able to do work.

Lava Hound: Since it’s a flying card, it can be paired up with Lava Hound-Air assault decks to surprise the opponent. Also, the Mega Minion can take out cards such as Wizard or Musketeer that are popular at countering Lava Hounds. With the Crown Tower locked onto the Lava Hound, the Mega Minion can also wreck the opponent’s Crown Tower.


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