Inferno Dragon to be next new Clash Royale card

Clash Royale finally got a much needed big update yesterday, and players have responded positively by boosting the game into the top grossing iOS game in 69 countries!  We will talk more about the new challenge tournament modes in an upcoming article, but today our attention is focused on the next new card to be released: Inferno Dragon!  

What is it? inferno-dragon-full

Rather than releasing new cards in batches, the Clash Royale team has announced with the recent update that new cards will instead be released every 2 weeks, starting with this week’s Mega Minion.  Not to be outdone by the Minions, it looks like the Dragons will compete for dominance in the skies in the form of an armored Dragon that attacks like an Inferno Tower!  Inferno Dragon will be one of the two new Legendary cards to be released, with a cost of 4 Elixir.  The card will make its debut 10 days from now.

How does it compare to other similar cards? 

A level 1 Inferno Dragon has hitpoints that are comparable to a level 3 Baby Dragon (950 v.s. 968), but with better range (4 v.s. 3).
Rather than targeting an area, Inferno Dragon will deal damage to a single target that incrementally increases with time, just like the Inferno Tower.  Before getting too excited by this comparison, note that a level 1 Inferno Dragon deals less damage (especially max damage) than a level 6 Inferno Tower (30-350 v.s. 32-640) and with less range (4 v.s. 6).  Inferno Dragon also only moves at Medium speed, similar to the Mega Minion but slower than the Baby Dragon.

What is it good for? 

Dealing with Giants, Royal Giants, Golem, P.E.K.K.A. and any tanky ground troop!  Once locked onto a troop, it’ll take only a few seconds before the Inferno Tower roasts these troops to death without taking any damage, and still be available for a counter-attack push!  While Inferno Dragon has a relatively weak body for a 4-cost troop, it’s hitpoints are sufficient to survive just about any spell, and decks without sufficient air defense will have a hard time taking it down.  And if somehow the Inferno Dragon makes it to the opposing Crown Tower and locks on with its Dragon breath, you can kiss the Tower goodbye!  But this card is designed to be a menace on defense, as it’ll be almost impossible to take it out while on the other side of the arena.  Lava Hound/Balloon players can also go cry in their corner now.

How do you stop it? 

If Inferno Dragon becomes a popular card in the new meta, expect to see Minions and Minion Horde shoot up in usage very quickly.  In return, expect players to start arming their decks with Arrows and Poison to protect the Inferno Dragon in the skies.  Inferno Towers will ironically be a great counter to Inferno Dragon due to its range advantage, but as the Tower is stationary, you will find yourself on the wrong end of the Elixir trade if your Inferno Tower is your only option against Inferno Dragon.  Zaps/Lightning/Freeze/Ice Spirits etc. will reset the Inferno Dragon attack, so start learning to time these spells/troop deployments well to get the most out of them.

How is this going to change the meta? 

Poor ground troops… with the introduction of Mega Minions and Inferno Dragon, expect to see A LOT of air troop-heavy decks coming up.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see decks comprised of Minion/Minion Horde/Mega Minion/Baby Dragon/Inferno Dragon with cards like Miner/Lumberjack/Ice Wizard/Princess and/or a spell to round up a deck that will dominate the skies.  Months ago, we had floated around ideas for defense towers or troops that deal more damage to air troops; now I can only hope that this is already in the pipelines!

Special thanks to ClashWars for sharing this information with us!  And thank you Apruv for confirming that this card is official!


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  1. Adi

    I got it when it was released from a free chest! So stoked on using it!


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