Clash Royale decks: 3 Crown Rage Deck by Sakuyamon07

Editor’s Note: MoEsport would like to welcome guest writer Sakuyamon07, a Legendary Arena Clash Royale player with a passion for writing!  In his first guest post, he has shared with us details on his 3-Crown Rage Deck:

3 Crown Rage Deck


Minion – The Minion is an excellent card for 3 Elixir, very flexible and offers a great damage per second. Minions are underrated because it is quite easy to counter, but they are a great counter against Valkyrie, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Sparky, Prince and just about every other ground troops that ignore air units. In my pushes, I often follow the Minions up right after I place the Giant. Usually, I use my Minions for defense.

Bomber – The Bomber is a great card and offers a great counter to the Barbarians as well as many other troops. The Bomber offers a great value for a 3 elixir troop, definitely, an excellent choice against Barbarians and any other Horde pushes. Aside of being a good defender, the Bomber is an excellent supporting card. When followed behind the Giant, the Bomber will clear out any troops trying to stop the giant and sometimes even damage the Crown Tower at the same time with its splash damage. The Bomber is a good choice as a starting card if the Musketeer isn’t in your hand as it can easily be turned into a push. As well as a good defense, the bomber is an excellent supporting card.

Rage – The spirit of this deck – not the fire or ice Spirits but the main factor in 3 crown pushes.  It boosts attack by the cost of 2 Elixir.  Nothing much to say about this card because that’s it.

Zap – As for your spell card in this deck, Zap offers a great value for the price of 2 Elixir. From being able to allow your troops half a second more to damage a tower to being able to reset cards such as the Sparky and Inferno Tower (One of the weakness for Giant). Furthermore, the Zap also offers an excellent trade against cards such as Minion Horde, Minions, and allows your tower to finish them off.

Musketeer – The Musketeer has a great range and deals a high amount of damage at 4 Elixir. It’s very effective when it comes to dealing with air units as well as being a great support to the Giant. The Musketeer is most effective when trying to take down the second tower as it can be placed in the middle of the enemy’s map like the Royal Giant. With her range she’s able to reach the tower fast and deal hundreds of damage at the same time. I usually start off the game with the Musketeer if it’s in my hand, since it’s pretty slow and has a good range to defend or easily cycle to either the Valkyrie/Giant for a push.

Valkyrie – The Valkyrie is very versatile and a classic runner. From being able to wipe out everything from being in the middle of an enemy horde to being the second tank to this deck. The Valkyrie can easily stop an enemy push, very effective against Wizards, Witches, Musketeers, Ice Wizards, and every other supporting offensive card as you can imagine. I often save my Valkyrie for defense as it is super effective unless I have to counter a Building card – in which case, I will use it as a secondary tank to mess up the card cycle. The Valkyrie can also be used as a sweeper, paving the way for the giant against Barbarians but I rarely do that.

Giant – The Giant is one of the most popular cards being used in the current meta despite of the recent nerf. For 5 Elixir, the Giant offers a great amount of health and deals a good amount of damage against the crown towers. The Giant is the main card for pushing in this deck and it is usually followed by high DPS supporting cards from behind. The Giant can be placed at the back of the King Tower, giving you plenty of time to build up the elixir you need for the push. The supporting cards will vary based on what cards you encounter but I usually pair the giant with the minion along with the bomber. or Musketeer & Minion. The list of combos goes on but it’s usually best to bring a card that offers splash and a high DPS. This strategy is most effective during the 2x Elixir as it gives you the opportunity to stack up a lot of supporting cards. At times you’ll be able to find yourself stacking 2 of the same cards. Once it reaches this stage, it will be very hard for the opponent to recover and a good opportunity to go for the 3 crowns by using the rage.

Inferno Tower – The Inferno tower is a great defense structure that helps significantly with this combination. It’s a great counter to popular cards such as the Giant, Royal Giant, P.E.K.K.A, Golem, Giant Skeleton. When defending the Royal Giant, things can get a bit tricky as you have to wait for the giant to get in range of the tower before you place it. Timing is key on this one. The Inferno has a good amount of Hp, allowing it to clean up the remaining supporting cards followed behind the giant.

Now you know the cards, let’s go to the game plan.

Giant is the win condition of this deck; don’t push with it alone. Support it with at least 2 troops(1 splash damager and 1 high damage dealer or both splash)
I commonly push with this combinations:
Giant + Bomber + Musketeer
Giant + surviving troops (from a good defense) + Musketeer or Bomber

When I cleared the opponents defense, it’s time to use my Rage spell – then there goes a Crown!

In the current meta, Inferno Tower is still a direct counter to Giant. In that case, I usually put Minions first or zap it before putting down Minions.  On the other hand, there is P.E.K.K.A.; P.E.K.K.A. is going to be much tougher opponent than the Inferno Tower since it’s a troop. As P.E.K.K.A. pushes normally defeats Giant pushes, I would normally instead let my opponent to attack first, and then I’ll defend before pushing.  The Inferno Dragon may also be a disturbance for this deck when it is being played more.

Inferno Tower is our main defense as a building, and Valkyrie as a troop. Common pushes are composed of tank + support troops. The strategy should be to use the Inferno Tower for high HP troops, and Valkyrie on the support.  If the support is an air troop like baby dragon, I’ll use my Musketeer and Minions.
Whatever survives on defense will be on the counter push afterwards.

How to counter this deck?

Honestly, since this is a control deck, skill is the main factor. If you happen to be facing the exact same deck, these will be the matchups
(Offense- Defense):
Giant- Inferno
Inferno- Musketeer or minions
Musketeer- minions
Minions- Zap
Valkyrie- minions
Bomber- minions or Valkyrie
Zap and rage can’t be destroyed since they are spells and last for a limited time.

So that’s it…I hope you readers like it. This is really a fun deck because of the Rage. Feedback is always welcomed, so be sure to leave some comments!

Joseph Sevilla (a.k.a. Sakuyamon07)

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  1. victini

    Please continue to post articles Sakuyamon07… I will be your number 1 fan.
    That deck takes me to the frozen peak as a level 8 free to play player


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