Clash Royale First Look: Ice Golem

All the hype is around the newly released Inferno Dragon right now, but in 2 weeks time another new card will be introduced that will very likely reshape the meta once again: Ice Golem!  Here’s the lowdown on the Ice Golem based on the information available so far:

What is it? img_4606

Ice Golem is essentially a mini-tank: at 2 Elixir, it has hitpoints comparable to that of Mini P.E.K.K.A (about 3% more), but moves slow and does a pathetic amount of DPS at 16 damage per second at level 1.   It also targets only buildings, but given that it moves at a slow speed, chances are it’ll be taken down before it ever reaches one.  So what’s special about it?  Once it’s destroyed, Ice Golem does a small amount of death damage AND slows down nearby enemies.

How does it compare to other similar cards? 

Only level 1 stats are revealed at this time, but as mentioned above, expect hitpoints that will be similar to that of Mini P.E.K.K.A, and damage/death damage that’s comparable to that of Ice Spirit (a.k.a. almost nothing).  On the plus side, there really isn’t another card with so many hitpoints at 2 Elixir or less!

What is it good for? 

Taking hits and stopping attacks!  A level 7 Ice Golem (tournament level) should have about 1100 hitpoints – for 2 Elixir!  Just to give you an idea of how much that is: a level 7 Elixir Collect only has 846 hitpoints, and is often deployed at the end of the match to stop incoming troops from dealing that final damage to the Crown Tower!  Also, imagine using this as a counter against Giant pushes: it will not be targeted by the Giant, but help absorb blows from the Giant’s support troops while your support troops take out the Giant – and when it’s destroyed it will further slow down enemy troops to allow you to finish them off.  Ice Golem will also especially be effectively with flying troop decks, as it’ll absorb hits from ground troops while allowing for the likes of Mega Minions/Inferno Dragons to finish them off without taking any damage. It is unknown how long the slow effect will last (probably 1 second) or if there’ll be a knockback effect like the Golem’s death explosion.

How do you stop it? 

Let me tell you now, Ice Golem is going to be a pain to deal with when you’re on offense.  At 2 Elixir, it trades well with pretty much EVERYTHING!  Even if the Mini P.E.K.K.A.  can take it down with 2 chops, the time bought by the Ice Golem for 2 Elixir is enough for your opponent’s towers and supporting troops to take it down.  If possible, use spells such as Poison or Lightning to take out the back row troops and just let the Ice Golem wander into your side of the Arena by itself if possible.

How is this going to change the meta? 

I remember the Clash Royale ruling out “Wall” cards when talking about future updates; well, this is as close to a moving wall as you can get!  Sadly, just like the Ice Wizard, the Ice Golem will slow down the game quite a bit and create log jams in the middle of the Arena.  I foresee a lot of Ice Golems being played, and for it to become a staple in Inferno Dragon air decks that will wreck havoc on the current meta.


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