Past, Present, Future: The Evolution of XenoTek

Xenotek – the most watched and most popular Vainglory Twitch streamer has built a legion of Ghouls. He has won over his audience with the love, passion, and dedication he displays constantly on his streams. With the transition of being a pro player and having many projects on his plate you would think he would be content… or is he? The transition has only made him want something even more. This is part two of a ongoing series where I talk to the King of Ghouls and his relive his evolution.

Its has been a journey for you to get to this point. What are your goals and plans moving forward?

It has been for sure! All I want is a championship. I love streaming and working on my other projects but my number 1 goal is a championship. If you haven’t watched my streams I love and support Vainglory to the fullest. Vainglory is not just a game; its a life-style. Of course it would be nice to make good money playing/streaming Vainglory, but its not about the money; I do it because I love it.

What do you think you are missing/need to achieve this?

I have played with some amazing players, but the key I am missing is a dedicated team. Not to say my prior teammates weren’t dedicated, but I need an organization/team that will stick together for the long haul and build that synergy. The teams that I have played on has great individual talent, but after a tournament for various reasons we move on. Teams like Cloud9, TSM, and Hammers have put in the time and built great synergy. I want and need that.

You have set high expectations and goals for yourself and have been very objective and self critical. How are you dealing with these expectations?

I am definitely my own worst critic. I am frustrated with my performances during the Evil 8. I know I am capable of more and it hasn’t translated into the live stage. People need understand when all eyes are on you it takes time to get use to that. You can only control what you do but for sure it is different when the lights are on you and every move you make is being watched and dissected. I only expect the best and want a championship so bad. I am only going to get better and the mistakes I am making are easily fixable.

Tell me about your fans and supporters.

Words cant express how much love I have for them. They keep me going and they keep me positive. So of course when I don’t perform I feel like I am letting them down. Their love and support is a major reason I do what I do and can attribute their support to my success. I not only want a championship for myself, but being able to share that experience with my loyal supporters is paramount.

What would you like SEMC to change or adapt with Vainglory?

I think a new map is in order. I would like it to be a little more complex and have more objectives on the map. Right now in competitive play when you lose your jungle backs or lose a team fight early its pretty much GG. Only team I have really seen effectively overcome early deficits has been TSM. Vainglory right now is gold based, so by adding new objectives or map expansion will not only help with, but add even more strategy to the game. Also, I do feel like implementing a dual ban system would help diversify the drafts. Currently, there seems to be a disadvantage if you are not on A side of a draft. When you have a three game or five game series one team will always have that slight advantage.

Xeno that will conclude my questions. Continue on what you are doing and the championship you are seeking is within your grasp. Thank you so much and good luck to you and Team Phoenix at the Evil 8!

You can follow the latest from Xenotek from his Twitter account.  Also be sure to follow Jason’s Twitter for his latest Vainglory content!


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  1. Jacques

    I love it! Xeno is the nicest guy and highly skilled. I’ve been on a Twitch vacation to refocus on studying but it appears that I need to get back in there.


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