Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (Oct 4th)

We are back with our Card Power Rankings!  Moving forward, our weekly rankings will now be moved from every Friday to Tuesday in order to get a better snapshot of the meta, and to take into consideration Woody’s bi-weekly Card Popularity Snapshot (which is kind of the extended version of the Power Rankings!


Calendar says October, feels like April

While there’s little surprise as to what the top cards are, a very interesting deck has been popping back up again amongst top ladder players: Hog Freeze!!  While flying troops are getting lots of attention nowadays, top ladder players have been finding success going back to the basics with Hog Freeze, supported by the commonest of the common cards (Knight, Archers, and Barbarian!).  Inferno Dragon has yet to appear in any top decks yet, but I’m sure many players are working (paying) hard trying to get the new Legendary to max level!


Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (Oct. 4th)

Rank Card Last Week’s Rank
1 Elixir Collector  elixir_collector 1 Top players just can’t seem to be able to live without the pump: 28 of the top 30 ladder players are still pumping extra elixir this week.
2 Poison poison 2 The only other card to be played by over 2/3s of top ladder players, Poison works well with just about any deck, and is perhaps the best answers against Poison.
3 Zap zap 3 Zap once again rounds out the Top 3 this week.  But the gap between #3 and #4 are starting to get close…
4 Ice Spirit
ice_spirit 5 …as Ice Spirits are becoming more and more popular!  Any coincidence that all these popular cards have the ability to slow down your opponent’s troops?  I can only fear what the Ice Golem will do to the meta once that is introduced…
5 Hog Rider hog_rider NEW The Hog is back baby!  Many top players are finding that Hog Rider is still the best way to wreck your opponent’s Crown Tower, especially when paired with…
6 (tied) Freeze freeze NEW …its partner-in-crime Freeze!  Who would’ve thought that with all the new cards out there, the classic Hog/Freeze combo is still the go-to for many of the game’s top players?
6 (tied) Guards
 guards 4 A slight dip in usage for the defensive trio this week as some players have opted to use other troop cards such as Knight (which places just outside the Top 10 this week)
8 (tied) Giant giant 7 (tied) Its punch doesn’t pack as much power as it once did, but the Giant’s hitpoints are still plenty enough to absorb blows while other support troops deal the big damage.
8 (tied) Cannon
 cannon NEW Along with the return of Hog Freeze, Cannon also makes a comeback to the Power Rankings!  But with so many air troops out there, will Cannon stay relevant in the long run?
10 Mega Minion
megaminioncard NEW Well that didn’t take long!  Mega Minion (ranked as a S-tier card by Clyde) makes its debut in the Card Power Rankings.


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