Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (Oct. 18th)

Welcome back to another edition of the Card Power Rankings!  Moving forward, we will be having our Rankings on a bi-weekly basis as you will be able to enjoy Woody’s Card Popularity Snapshot in between the weeks!

We are just in time for one final Card Power Ranking before the big balance change that will absolutely reshape the meta of Clash Royale!  It remains to be seen just how big of a hit these nerfs will be to top cards such as Elixir Collector and Poison, but don’t be surprised if both cards are dropped off the rankings completely in 2 weeks.  One card that’s expected to make a surge: The Log.  Even before receiving its buff, The Log sits just outside this week’s ranking with 20% of the Top 30 players already utilizing the spell!

Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (Oct. 18th)

Rank Card Last Week’s Rank
1 Elixir Collector  elixir_collector 1 It’s been a good run, Elixir Pump! After owning the top spot in our rankings for quite some time now, the nerf in 2 days will likely bump the pump not just off the top spot, but off the charts altogether.
2 Ice Spirit ice_spirit 4 And the card that’s most likely to take over the #1 spot is… the Ice Spirit?? A well-timed Ice Spirit on defense can completely shut down your opponent’s attack and turn the tables around for a big counterattack – all for the cost of just 1 Elixir!
3  Poison poison 2 Widely recognized as the best spell in the game, Poison’s nerf will take the spell’s effectiveness down several notches and likely out of our Power Rankings.
4 Zap 
zap 3 Zap’s still as popular as always, but will The Log replace it as the game’s go to 2-Elixir spell after the update?
5 Guards guards 6 (tied) The shielded trio is great to defend against just about anything, but will likely suffer a bit if The Log’s usage is increased as expected.
6 Mega Minion megaminioncard 10 Week by week, the Mega Minion’s popularity increases as it solidifies its spot as the top flying troop in the game.
7 Giant
giant 7 (tied) “Goison” (Giant + Poison) has become so popular in the current meta that you’d likely run into this combo every other game on ladder or tournament.  While Giant will also suffer from another nerf, it’ll still be an effective tank, and should continue to find usage among some top decks.
8 Miner miner NEW The Miner makes his way back into this week’s rankings, giving Legendary cards some much needed representation!
9 (tied) Hog Rider
 hog_rider 5 Not as many Hog Freezes around this week, but with Goison on its way out, perhaps we can expect to see a lot more of the classic combo after the update?
9 (tied) Prince prince NEW The classic Epic makes his way back into the rankings this week.  If only Prince would still be immune to The Log’s push back…


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