Thoughts on the upcoming Clash Royale Balance Changes (10/20)

Editor’s Note: The Clash Royale team just announced another round of balance changes today, and while the number of cards affected are not as many as previous changes, the change will be expected to have a HUGE impact on the game’s current meta.  MoEsport contributing writer Cory is here to break down all the latest changes:

Giant: Hitpoints decreased by 5%

SC: Our previous Giant change didn’t pull enough power from him, especially from where it matters, so this additional tweak (in conjunction with the Poison change below) should put him in a better place overall. The change is relatively small because our aim is to reduce the strength of Giant + Poison, but not remove it as a viable combo.

Cory: This Giant change itself isn’t a big deal. However, this change along with the next two changes should make the current Giant-Poison (Goison) meta less powerful. I agree with the change because Giant by itself is a pretty healthy card, but this should tone it down a bit so Giant-Poison is easier to manage. It will still be a very powerful tank, and should still see utilization in many decks.

Poison: Will no longer slow movement and attack speed

SC: Thematically Poison’s “thing” is damage over time, so we questioned whether it also needs to slow? Answer: no. This change will make Poison’s functionality clearer and reduce its ability to control an area for 10 seconds.

Cory: This change is huge! This is a big nerf to arguably the best spell in the game. The slow function should make it less powerful on offense and defense. It still has a “death zone” function, but this should make this card less of a must-use and more of a niche spell. Cards like Fireball, Freeze and Rage benefit from this, as players may look to use these cards instead of Poison for push support.

Elixir Collector: Elixir cost increased to 6 (from 5), Elixir gain increased to 8 (from 7), Lifetime increased by 10sec

SC: Elixir Collector remains one of the most popular cards in the game – offering a good return on a small-ish risk. Increasing the Elixir cost by 1 will make it a bigger risk to play and give more opportunity to counterplay against it.

Cory: This might be a game-changing balance change. Currently, Elixir Collector is used in almost all types of decks, and is a safe choice to put in your deck. This should make this overused card more “high-risk, high reward” and shake up the current meta. I see Elixir Collectors being used now for high-cost decks, and absent in cycle decks.

The Log: Rolls faster and further, Damage increased by 9%

SC: The Log has yet to find its place or purpose within the Arena, but this change will at least make it more impactful and easier to play while it continues the search.

Cory: Apparently Supercell still hasn’t seen enough Log. This change should make The Log much more scary and useful. The range increase now allows Log to hit troops behind the tower, which was a big reason why Log wasn’t used very much. A slight damage increase will make spell cycle decks considering using The Log instead of Zap or Poison.

Skeleton Army: Elixir cost decreased to 3 (from 4), Skeleton count decreased to 16 (from 21), Skeleton level increased by 5

SC: In the early game, Skeleton Army is a terror, but as more area damage cards come into play, its usefulness falls off. A cheaper cost and fewer, but stronger, Skeletons should address some of its weaknesses – and hopefully make it a terror once again!

Cory: This change is a really good buff to the skeleton army. I can see it being used as a defensive “high-risk, high reward card” now. It now does a lot more dps, which allows it to be a cheap counter to quickly take care any troop. Spells will still be the bane of this card, but the reduced elixir cost will make spells less heavy of a counter.

Ice Golem: Death Damage will also damage flying troops

SC: Bug fix.

Cory: This might be a fix to its shielding system (right now it can protect troops from spells if the conditions are right). The death damage buff allows Ice Golem to be an even better substitution for Zap. Minions will be left with small health, so Zap + Ice Golem can take care of all minions.

Golem: Death Damage will also damage flying troops

SCFor consistency with Ice Golem’s Death Damage.

Cory: This is great for the Golem. Its first death damage burst can now take out Minions at tournament standard, which is really great for clearing out all troops and allow its support can do work. Now with the Giant-Poison combo being nerfed, don’t be surprised if you see a lot more Golems in the arena (including Ice Golem!).


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