A first hand introduction to the Clash Royale North America Open

The Clash Royale North American Open (CRNAO) has officially taken the Clash Royale community by storm. This past week, clashers were rushing to get tickets to the Coronation Days through qualifiers through the in-game 1,000 man tournaments presented in partnership by Supercell and Next Generation Esports..

I had the opportunity to participate in 2 of the qualifiers (which I had streamed on Twitch). In the first qualifier, I came up one battle shy of placing in the top 20, which earns a ticket to coronation day. The second qualifier was very intense where I secured the 11th spot within the last minute of the tournament. Initially some players including myself were a little confused on where we were to obtain the ticket for coronation day, but the CRNAO team were very helpful in explaining everything in detail to us.

The bracketed tournament for Coronation Day is a double deck format where players MUST submit two decks with at least 4 different cards; the player must win with both decks in order to move on to the next round. During the tournament, most players were able to win at least one game, which made the final games very intense. The players who registered for each Coronation day are divided into eight pools, where the winning player of each of the eight pools advanced to the bracket tournament.  CRNAO utilizes smash.gg for registering their players into the bracket tournaments and submitting their decks.  While a little intimidating to navigate through at first, the instructions on the site and help from the admins in clan made the process very easy and smooth to take part in.

Once the top eight players have been decided through bracket play in the individual pools, they compete for a cash prize pool which breaks down as follows: 1st place – $2,000, 2nd place – $500, 3rd-4th – $300, and 5th – 8th – $100. The double deck format forces players to play and experiment with different kinds of decks with different weaknesses, so the prize money is not something that is easily obtained. With the recent balance changes essentially removing Giant/Poison from the meta, we are beginning to see a wide variety of tournament decks in the CRNAO competition. The most popular archetype currently being used is a seige deck, specifically (and surprisingly!) the X-bow. Other popular decks include: Lava Hound and Lightning, Giant/Bowler/Lightning, Hog Rider/Lightning, and Rocket chip decks. Only time will tell if these deck variances will remain the meta in the competitive scene.

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