Clash Royale First Look: Tornado

Just days removed from the Graveyard’s release, the Clash Royale team has just announced that 4 more new cards are due to be released!  If these leaks from Reddit user German8835 are true, then we can expect to see some very interesting troops and spells on their way.  One of these “leaks” have now been officially confirmed today, and will be released on November 11th: Tornado

What is it? screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-2-58-04-pm

Tornado is an Epic spell that only affects troops.  Aside from dealing damage to troops within its radius over a duration of ~3 secs, the Tornado also drags the troops to the center of the spell!

How does it compare to other similar cards? 

The first comparable card to the Tornado is Freeze.  Tornado has the lower Elixir cost (3 v.s. 4), can deal damage and has a larger radius (5 v.s. 3), but Freeze can also affect buildings and has a longer duration.  Also, while troops are being pulled to the middle by Tornado, it is likely that they are still able to deal damage with attacks (for those who play Overwatch, just imagine Zarya’s Graviton Surge).  If the stats hold true at the time of the card’s release, we can expect the Tornado to deal a little less damage than Arrows, and with a larger radius!  However, the damage is dealt over a 3 second duration, and does not affect buildings.

What is it good for? 

The Tornado is going to be a great spell for dealing with swarms and small troops.  It is unknown at this point whether a level 4 Tornado will deal enough damage to kill Level 9 Minions, but even if they are not, a simple Ice Spirit or Zap should have finish the job.  More importantly, delaying your opponent’s troops from advancing for 3 seconds can create a HUGE swing in tempo, similar to playing Posion on defense back when it was able to slow down troops within its radius.  Tornado will pair up well with ranged area damage troops such as Bomber and Wizard.

How do you stop it? 

Don’t be silly, you can’t stop spells!  The only thing you can do is try to lure your opponent into playing the spell out of rotation so that your small/attack troops will be clear to do their thing.  However, unlike Lightning or Freeze, Tornado costs relatively little Elixir and has a large radius, so even a “misplay” by your opponent wouldn’t necessarily turn the tides in your favor.  And considering that the spell has no effect on buildings, maybe its time to consider stacking your deck with spells and buildings (hut swarm, anyone??)

How is this going to change the meta? 

Poor ground melee troops.  Bowler and Log is already making their lives miserable, and now you have another cheap spell that will make it even harder for them to advance towards the opponent’s Crown Tower.  The spell will be somewhat effective against tanky troops as well (ie. Royal Giants/Giants/Golem) with its ability to pull them back and damage the troops behind them, but it’ll much more likely be reserved for dealing with the same types of troops that are primary targets for Arrows.  Royal Giant and X-Bow decks are starting to dominate the current meta, and convenient this spell will just make these two decks even more powerful.


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