Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (Nov. 2nd)

The Card Power Rankings will never be the same!  These past two weeks have perhaps had the biggest effect on the Clash Royale meta EVER as Poison and Elixir Tower – 2 of the most used cards for many months now – were given big nerfs.  Not surprisingly, both cards are not only out of the rankings this week (and the foreseeable future), but not one of the Top 30 players are using either card.

But no matter how many balance changes you have, the game will never be as balanced as one would expect.  A new “Big 4” combo has emerged consisting of Giant/Bowler/Musketeer/Mega Minion, with the latter card now suddenly becoming a force to be reckoned with…

Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (Nov. 2nd)

Rank Card Last Week’s Rank
1 Mega Minion
megaminioncard 6 And just like that, Mega Minion has now become the most utilized card in the game amongst top ladder players!  80% of the Top 30 players this week are now using Mega Minion.
2 Ice Spirit ice_spirit 2 Despite the 0.5 sec freeze nerf, you still can’t beat the 1-Elixir Ice Spirit for the value it provides on defense.
3 The Log the_log NEW We finally welcome The Log to the Card Power Rankings! Jumping right into the 3rd spot this week, the cheap and effective Legendary spell fits well into just about any deck.
4 Zap 
zap 4 Who says you can’t have 2 2-Elixir spells in your deck? With the abundance of small troops out there (including the revamped Skeleton Army), it doesn’t hurt to have both Log and Zap in your decks.
5 Lightning
lightning NEW Not enough spells for you? Then why don’t you throw in a Lightning as well! The popularity of Lightning is a direct result of the popularity of Mega Minion and Musketeers.
6 Inferno Tower
inferno_tower NEW Inferno Tower suffered from a small nerf during the last mini-balance change, but still remains the most effect tower in countering the tank-heavy meta. But another option has also become popular…
7 (tied) Tombstone tombstone NEW It’s the return of Tombstone! At only 3-Elixir, Tombstone is effective both in producing Skeletons that draw away attacks, and being a target that can lure away troops such as Giant and Hog Rider.
7 (tied) Princess princess NEW Princess is once again being utilized by many of the game’s top players, but is now also much more vulnerable to the suddenly-popular Log.
9 (tied) Hog Rider
 hog_rider 9 (tied) Good ol’ Hog Rider still finds love amongst some of the game’s top players.
9 (tied) Giant/Bowler/Musketeer giantmusketeerbowler 7/NEW/NEW We’re just gonna lump all 3 together this week, as they’re ranked together due to the fact that they’re always in the same decks and always stacked up as a combo!


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