Introducing the 4 Kings for the Northern Arena Clash of the North competition

The Northern Arena Clash of the North competition will be happening live in Montreal this coming weekend!  In this special competition, eight Clash Royale players qualifying to the Finals will have the opportunity to compete against 4 Clash Royale “Kings” in a Ladder Challenge for a $8000 prize pool!  The 4 Kings selected for this tournament are among some of the best (and most entertaining!) players in the game, so securing the top prize will be no easy task!  Here’s a first look at who our 4 Kings will be this weekend:


The first King is none other than the talented Hyphonix!  Best know for this always entertaining Twitch streams, Hyphonix represents the Team Liquid eSports team in Clash Royale.  He was front and center during yesterday’s King’s Cup tournament where he provided on-the-spot commentary during the event, displaying his in depth knowledge of the game and its players.





Challengers will have their hands full when they go up against one of the best in the game – Backstabx!  Consistently a top player in Clash Royale’s competitive scene, Backstabx was the winner at the Hammers Clash Royale tournament in Las Vegas, and more recently the winner of the Clash Royale North America Open’s Coronation #4.  Backstabx represents the Hammers eSports team, and can be found streaming his gameplay regularly on Twitch.



img_4692-1Trainer Garret

Challengers will also have a chance to go up against Canada’s #1 player!  Consistently ranked as the top Canadian player in Clash Royale’s ladder, Trainer Garret is just every bit as formidable in tournament play as he recently won the Clash Royale North America Open’s Coronation #5.  Trainer Garret also co-owns/leads Synergy Gaming, one of the top clans in the game.




Zhangsun CC Dashou (长孙CC打手) img_4691-1

Our 4th King is none other than the Northern Arena Clash Royale Toronto defending champion -Zhangsun CC Dashou (aka Michael)!  A top ranked ladder player in the game since its soft launch, Michael has participated and ranked in Clash Royale tournaments worldwide from Shanghai to Paris.  Michael has recently joined the top ranking NOVA family of clans, adding to their already stacked roster of top players!



Joining our 4 Kings in Montreal will once again be the talented shoutcasting duo of BBXH and Woody!  Want a chance to meet with our ambassadors and win the cash prize?  Then be sure to sign up for the Live Qualifiers at Meltdown Montreal taking place this Saturday (November 12th)!  We look forward to seeing everyone in Montreal!

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