Guide in building Golem decks in Clash Royale

Sakuyamon07 is here again! As requested by a reader, I am going to share a guide in building a deck that the main win condition is the Golem.

The Golem is the strongest tank in the game in terms of hit points: It has more than 3100 hit points at level one and goes up to around 6000 hp at max level. Not only it has the highest hit points but also have the ability to split itself to two Golemites, which extends its life to deal more damage.

It has a high elixir cost to keep it balanced. It costs 8 elixir and has 3 sec deploy time that makes this rock solid troop a strong and scary troop. If your opponent doesn’t have the right cards and appropriate strategy, they’ll definitely get wrecked by this card.

We need to fill up 7 more slots for our deck so lets start discussing.

I recommend that the first 2 slots will be spell cards. Pick your two best spell cards.
The roles of your spell cards are one for offense and another on defense. As an offensive spell, you can choose between Zap/Log or Rage.
Defensive spell should be either Fireball or Arrows. I prefer using Zap and Fireball in most of my golem decks.

Now there are only 5 slots left. But before that let’s talk about the Golem’s weaknesses to know the troops and the building that we will use. Inferno tower is a commonly used card to beat the Golem. However, because of the Golem’s high health and split after death, you can survive the Inferno tower’s damage with the right cards and strategy.

We will give the next slot to a splash attacker. Here are my choices for that slot:
Baby Dragon
Ice wizard

Whatever you choose can affect your battle style and gameplay so be sure to pick your best card.

Now, any buildings can distract the Golem to get to your opponents Arena Tower. It will delay your Golem and will take unnecessary damage from your opponent’s defense. Since it has a very slow movement speed, he will take a lot of damage and can be killed before reaching the tower. So because of that, we need a support card in addition to the previous slot. The support troop can be the following based on my choice:
-Fire or ice spirits

Swarm Support
Another weakness of Golem decks are Valkyrie and Fireball. The biggest strength of the Golem deck lies within their powerful supportive troop in the back line. If it can be one shot by the Fireball or get killed easily by the Valkyrie, you’re going to have a hard time pushing.
So this slot is for medium to high hitpoints support troop.

Then, any swarm troop can hit the Golem hard because of it’s slow movement speed and unable to target troop units. Barbarians and Minion Hordes are the most important swarm troop that you need to pay attention to because they can deal lots of damage to the Golem.
So this slot is a back-up for the roles that I mentioned above.


And for the last slot… we need a building. It can be either Inferno Tower or Cannon. If you want a spawner building, tombstone might be the best.

Applying what I discuss a while ago, I end up with this deck.

Rage or Log
Elixir Collector
Ice spirit
Mega Minion

So that’s it for today. Always visit the MoEsport site for the latest strategy guides.
Sakuyamon07 signing out!

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