Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (Nov. 16th)

While we await the new batch of cards to be introduced, it looks like the current Clash Royale meta is finally starting to settle in.  On the positive side, we are starting to see a better variety of decks instead of the same ol’ Giant-beatdown decks that we have been accustomed to seeing.  However, judging from the usage rates, it certainly does appear that some individual cards are a lot more OP than others…

Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (Nov. 16th)

Rank Card Last Week’s Rank
1 Mega Minion
megaminioncard 1 The Mega Minion has pretty much officially replaced Elixir Collector as the must-have card in every deck: the 3-Elixir flyer is now played by 90% of the Top 30 players!  Frankly speaking, I don’t think Mega Minion necessarily needs a nerf; instead, there simply needs to be better cards to deal with flying troops like the Mega Minion!
2 The Log the_log 3 Meanwhile, The Log has essentially replaced Poison as the must-have spell in every deck.  Chances are your opponent’s going to push towards your tower with ground troops; and there’s nothing better at pushing back a horde of attackers than The Log.  Oh and it can one shot a Princess too.
3 Archers archers NEW Surprise! Our of nowhere, the classic arrow-shooting duo makes their way into our Top 10! With Princess being Log and Arrow bait and with a lack of ways to deal with flying troops, Archers have suddenly found their way into many of the game’s top decks.
4 Zap 
zap 4 The always-reliable Zap holds onto the #4 spot this week.
5 Tombstone
tombstone 7 (tied) Tombstone finally makes a return as the most popular defense tower! The Skeletons might not be so much of a threat, but they are great at eating up attacks while your other troops and towers do their thing.
6 Fireball fireball NEW Another classic card makes its return this week! Fireball is  still great for clearing out hordes, damaging buildings and chipping away at your opponent’s Crown Tower HP.
7 Lightning lightning 5 A slight dip in Lightning usage this week as opponents are starting to be vary of using “Lightning baits” (ie. Ice Wizard, Musketeer), and some players are responding by using Fireball instead.
8 Ice Spirit ice_spirit 2 Looks like the 0.5 sec nerf is finally starting to impact the Ice Spirit’s usage; the 1-Elixir card drops to 8th this week.
9 Skeleton Army  skeleton_army NEW The upgraded Skeleton Army is still great on defense, though chances are your opponent will have a Zap or Log on standby to deal with it.
10 Giant giant 9 (tied) There are a lot fewer Giant/Bowler/Musketeer combos since the last rankings, but the Giant is still a popular card for players to build decks around.


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    Nice to see that this ranking is similar to my Ranking (calculated with the data of thousand of users)


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