3 Decks for Success in the Clash Royale Double Elixir Challenge

The second Special Clash Royale Event –The Double Elixir Challenge – is now live!  The rules are simple: instead of having a 2x Elixir generating bonus in the last minute of the match, the 2x bonus is in effect for the duration of the entire match!  The faster Elixir generating speed will favor certain decks over others; below are 3 decks that you can succeed with in this challenge.

Golem Smash

Cards: Golem | Baby Dragon | Archers | Mega Minion | Tombstone | Lightning | Log | Zap

Golem decks are by far the most effective (and popular) for these challenges.  A Golem push is only successful if there are sufficient support troops and spells to support it, and the faster Elixir generaton will not only give you plenty of Elixir to support your Golem, but also ensure that you have enough Elixir to recover on defense after deploying the 8-Elixir Golem.

Lightning is a key to victory in this deck, as it will allow you to take out your opponent’s defense towers (esp. Inferno Towers) and defending troops.  Your support troops will be difficult to deal with as no spells will be able to trade positively with it; have your Golem absorb your opponent’s attacks and let the Archers/Mega Minion/Baby Dragon dish out the damage from behind.  The damage coming from the support troops can add up real quick – don’t be surprised if it’s your Archers or Mega Minion that end up finishing off your opponent’s tower!

If you are having trouble getting pass your opponent’s defense, then start chipping away at their tower with your spells (while damage their troops as well of course).  Against building-based decks such as Hut Swarm, your best bet may just be to keep Lightning/Logging your opponent until their tower goes down!


Zap/Log Bait

Cards: Goblin Barrel | Miner | Princess | Skeleton Army | Ice Spirit | Zap | Inferno Tower | Log

Your fingers (and mind!) will be tired after playing this one for 12+ games!  With all but one card costing 3 Elixir or less, you will be constantly deploying these Zap/Log bait cards to chip away at your opponent’s tower.  Princess, Goblin Barrel and Miner are the key cards; lure out your opponent’s counter cards out of rotation with your fast play, and use these cards to get in some direct damage to the tower.  The key to winning is getting your opponent to use their less-than-ideal counters: for example, Zap is the best counter for Goblin Barrel, Log is the best counter for Princess/Skeleton Army, and Mega Minion is the best counter for Miner.  Get your opponent to use these counter cards in other situations, then catch them off guard with your attack.

Inferno Tower is a must in this deck for dealing with the likes of Giant and Golem, and Skeleton Army is key for dealing with attacking ground troops.  This deck is meant to be aggressive, so if you’re lacking the cards to defend, just keep attacking and force your opponent to spend Elixir to defend!  Low Elixir defense cards (ie. Archers, Log, Fire Spirits) are a menace to this deck, and you’ll stand little chance of winning if your opponent plays their rotations well.  But if you react fast and can make good decisions on the fly, then this deck will be great for you.


The Big 4

Cards: Giant | Bowler | Musketeer | Mega Minion | Ice Spirit | Log | Arrows | Zap

Basically the same deck that is often seen on ladder and tournament play, the double Elixir speed allows the Giant push to be built up even faster.  Similar to Golem Smash, you’d want to start off with deploying your Giant from behind your Crown Tower, and build up your attack with your support troops as he moves forward.

About the only weakness this deck has is against Lightning; if both your Mega Minion and Musketeer are caught in the Lightning radius, it’ll be a positive Elixir trade for your opponent (and leave you very vulnerable against air troops!).  Try to spread out these two cards when playing them, or lure your opponent into using the spell against one before deploying the other.

Aside from the 4 key cards, spells and other supporting troops/buildings can be interchangeable.  Some players prefer to have a faster rotation with lower cost cards (like the sample deck), while others prefer to have higher damage spells such as Lightning to deal with buildings and support troops.  If you are having trouble defending against your opponent’s tanks, then replacing Ice Spirit with a building such as Tombstone or Inferno Tower may be a good idea.


  1. Jeffrey Boye-Doe

    In the golem smash deck what can I replace with the log? Cos I don’t have the log

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Ice Spirit, Fire Spirit or Fireball would be good replacements I think

  2. Etert7

    I have found lava hound-miner really strong in this challenge.


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