Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (Nov. 30th)

The latest Card Power Ranking comes at an interesting time, as the latest balance change has just taken place today!  As a number of top players seem to not have adjusted their decks yet, I would expect the rankings to look even more different 2 weeks from now – and maybe with the addition of a new spell?

Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (Nov. 30th)

Rank Card Last Week’s Rank
1 (tied) Mega Minion
megaminioncard 1 Finally, the long awaited nerf to Mega Minions has dropped! Despite the decrease in damage and hit speed, Mega Minion still offers good value for a 3-Elixir flying troop.  I would expect the card’s usage rate to start dropping, however.
1 (tied) Zap zap 4 Zap returns to the top of the rankings (tied), with 80% of top 30 players utilizing the spell this week.  One thing that’s increasingly more common in the current meta: players loading up with 3 spells in their decks, with Zap and…
3 The Log the_log 2 … The Log being by far the 2 most popular options. The combined damage of these 2 spells are able to take out most troops!
4 Archer archers 3 A slight dip in usage for Archers this week as some players begin experimenting with different deck combinations.  Archers remain your best bet for dealing with air troops.
5 (tied) Giant
giant 10 Is this the return of the Giant meta? Giant-based decks have been witnessing an increase this week, and the buffs to his classic support cards Elixir Collector and Poison will only help.
5 (tied) Ice Spirit ice_spirit 8 Ice Spirit finds an increase in usage, while its 1-Elixir rival Skeletons are only used by 1 of the top 30 playersthis week.
7 Fireball fireball 5 With the recent Poison buff (see more below), it is expected that more players will begin switching back to the Epic spell for more damage.
8 (tied) Elixir Collector  elixir_collector NEW It’s the return of the bloody Pump!  While a little more risky to play now due to its increased cost, you can still expect more top players to start playing the EC again.
8 (tied) Poison  poison NEW Speaking of returns, how appropriate is it that Poison is tied with the Pump this week?  The former 2 most popular cards are immediately seeing increased usage after their buffs – but I wouldn’t expect Poison to make a massive comeback as it no longer has its slow down effect.
9 (tied) Ice Golem  icegolemcard NEW The poor man’s tank finally crawls its way into the Top 10 this week.
9 (tied) Minions minions NEW Partially a direct result of the Mega Minion nerf, many players are reverting back to the Minions as their 3-Elixir flyer.  However, some players are opting to run BOTH Minions and Mega Minions in their decks as well.


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