Vainglory Announces Esports Franchise Program for 2017

There is much exciting around Vainglory leading up to the game’s first World Championship, as top teams from around the world are making their way to Los Angeles for the competition this weekend (and MoEsport will be there to cover it live!).  As the event will officially wrap up the 2016 competitive season, Super Evil MegaCorp (SEMC) today gave us a glimpse of what to expect with the 2017 competitive scene with the announcement of its Esports Franchise Program.

The Franchise Program is essentially a revenue sharing program with professional Vainglory teams from around the world.  With the goal of maintaining a healthy eSports ecosystem for partners and players alike, the Franchise holders will be entitled to a share of revenue from broadcast rights, ticket sales, sponsorships or other eSports activities from Vainglory.  SEMC and Franchise holders will also collaborate on digital and physical merchandise sales and other ways to build the business of the franchisees.

The Vainglory Team Franchise Program will initially kick off with eight partners and refresh its structure annually. As part of the new program, teams will have the option to establish a home city (which sounds similar to what is expected for the Overwatch League).  It is worth noting that Franchise holders will not automatically earn a spot in the top competition, as they still need to qualify and perform like every other team.

The first eight franchise holders and more details will be announced in early 2017 ahead of the start of Spring season.  While it is expected that the multi-eSport teams mentioned in the announcement (TSM, Cloud9, G2 Esports, Mousesports, SK Gaming, Team Secret) will be among the first franchise holders, it’d be great to see homegrown orgs such as Hammers, Gankstars and Team Snow benefit from this program as well.


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