Tatya shares her thoughts on the 2nd Day of Vainglory World Championships

As the first major international Vainglory competition, the Vainglory World Championships did not only bring in teams around the world, but influencers and fans as well.  Vainglory streamer Tatya is one such individual; based in Malaysia, Tatya made her first trip to the US to support the Vainglory competitive scene as well as the Hammers eSports organization.  As the second day of the Championship has wrapped up, we sat down with Tatya to get her thoughts on the tournament thus far:

MoEsport: What team do you think has been the biggest surprise thus far in this tournament?

Tatya: I was really impressed with Team DetonatioN.  They fought hard to beat Team Secret in Day 1, and gave a strong fight against Hammers Velocity today.

MoEsport: Which character do you think has been the strongest so far?

Tatya: Lyra Roam.  Her heals are game changers, and often can turn the tide on team engagements.

Which player would you say is the MVP so far?

Tatya:  That’s a tough question.  I’d say probably Druid or Mango from Phoenix Armada.  With a little bit of bias though, I’d throw in Zio in the mix as well.

MoEsport: What has been the best match of the tournament so far?

Tatya:  Definitely Gankstars Sirius v.s. Team Hack in the quarterfinals.  Hack fought a really entertaining match, especially their showcase of Flicker during the second match.  They made Sirius work hard to earn their birth into the semi-finals.

MoEsport: Coming from SEA, do you see a lot of contrast in the playing styles between SEA and the rest of the world?

Tatya: SEA is aggressive, but NA is even more aggressive.  I think that’s why SEA/Infamous struggled against Sirius in the Group stage, and against TSM today.  They ran into a lot of trouble against VONC’s Koshka

MoEsport: What are your predictions for the final day of the Worlds?

Tatya: I’m going to predict an Armada and Velocity Finals.  If Zio and Aloh4 can be on their A-game, I think they can pull off the upset tomorrow!

You can catch Tatya’s stream on Mobcrush

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