Clash Royale Card Popularity Snapshot #18

Hello! I recorded the Global Top 100 battle decks currently being used and am posting the results here. This list may help answer questions regarding which cards you should request from clanmates, purchase with gold, and ultimately include in your deck.

Card Review

Mega Minion endured a 15% DPS nerf but still soars above its competition! The flying menace cannot be efficiently countered by a single spell and still easily swipes through small swarms and big ground targets alike. Archers are perhaps the only card that can reliably kill the Meta Minion at the same elixir cost, a fact that has propelled the spell-resistant sisters to the #2 spot. The Log (loGG) suffered a setback as Zap regains momentum for top players’ favorite cheap spell card. Meanwhile, Fireball has displaced Lightning for the top spell slot as players largely ignored the Poison buff.

Ice Golem continues to see use in a wide variety of decks for its cheap cost, AoE death damage, and high hitpoints. Tombstone stumbled as Furnace and Cannon picked up steam in the competition for the defensive building deckslot. Mainstay defensive troops Bowler and Ice Spirit were found in just over a quarter of top decks.

Graveyard is the hot, new breakout at the top among popular offensive cards! The sneaky spell is a win condition in both control and beatdown deck archetypes and has excelled at the top of the ladder even at level 3, two rungs below max level. Skeleton Army has held fast toward the top–it works well in #GraveyardOP decks as well as old school zap bait decks. Giant overtakes Miner as beatdown pushes were slightly preferred over quick control deck strikes, though both tanks fell in popularity for this snapshot. The Freeze spell has surged thanks to its usefulness in shutting down defensive troops used to counter Graveyard.

Hog Rider lost some of the momentum he gained from the last popularity snapshot, much of it lost to the Royal Giant who gained in popularity, especially when paired with Fire Spirits. Inferno Tower has seen far less use with fewer Golems on ladder and with the popularity of Minions and Minion Horde to distract the fiery beam from big bodies. Princess and Musketeer have been benched by top players weary of losing these ladies to their opponents’ spells. Finally, the Elixir Collector buff brought only a minor uptick in usage.

Suggested decklists

Bowler-Graveyard-Freeze Control (13 appearances of this deck archetype): Bowler, Graveyard, Freeze, Zap, Mega Minion, Ice Golem, Archers, and PICK ONE- Cannon (7); OR Tombstone (6)

Royal Giant-Furnace Siege (13 appearances of this deck archetype): Royal Giant, Furnace, Mega Minion, Archers, The Log, Lightning, Skeleton Army, Fire Spirits

Hog Rider Control (11 appearances of this deck archetype): Hog Rider, Zap, Cannon, Mega Minion, Ice Golem, Archers, Ice Spirit, Fireball

Giant Beatdown (10 appearances of this deck archetype): Giant, Lightning, The Log, Mega Minion, Zap, and PICK ONE- [Bowler, Archers, Tombstone] (7); OR [Elixir Collector, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Musketeer] (3)

Miner Control (7 appearances of this deck archetype): Miner, Inferno Tower, The Log, Mega Minion, PICK ONE- [Archers, Ice Golem, Ice Spirit, Rocket] (4); OR [Zap, Bowler, Guards, Fireball] (3)

Miner Zap Bait (6 appearances of this deck archetype): Miner, Inferno Tower, The Log, Princess, Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, Furnace, Goblin Barrel

Giant-Graveyard Beatdown (5 appearances of this deck archetype): Giant, Graveyard, Zap, Mega Minion, Archers, The Log, Fireball, Skeleton Army

What conclusions do you draw from these numbers? Share in the comments below, send me a tweet @Woody_CR, or discuss it with me on my Twitch stream.

View the raw data here:

Card Popularity Table

Card Appearances Change
Mega Minion 83 -1
Archers 68 15
The Log 66 -13
Zap 60 3
Fireball 36 4
Ice Golem 35 2
Tombstone 28 -16
Bowler 27 3
Ice Spirit 26 -8
Furnace 25 10
Graveyard 25 18
Lightning 25 -16
Skeleton Army 25 -1
Giant 24 -3
Miner 21 -7
Freeze 19 14
Hog Rider 19 -7
Inferno Tower 19 -7
Minions 17 3
Royal Giant 15 9
Cannon 13 8
Minion Horde 12 -1
Princess 12 -11
Musketeer 10 1
Fire Spirits 9 8
Barbarians 8 2
Mini P.E.K.K.A 8 1
Elixir Collector 7 3
Goblin Barrel 7 -2
Knight 6 4
Poison 6 6
Golem 5 -3
Guards 5 2
Rocket 4 -1
Arrows 3 -7
Baby Dragon 3 -4
Lava Hound 3 -2
Three Musketeers 3 -1
Goblins 2 0
Ice Wizard 2 0
Spear Goblins 2 0
X-Bow 2 -1
Barbarian Hut 1 -4
P.E.K.K.A 1 1
Prince 1 1
Rage 1 1
Valkyrie 1 1
Balloon 0 0
Bomb Tower 0 0
Bomber 0 0
Dark Prince 0 0
Giant Skeleton 0 0
Goblin Hut 0 0
Inferno Dragon 0 0
Lumberjack 0 0
Mirror 0 -1
Mortar 0 0
Skeletons 0 -1
Sparky 0 0
Tesla 0 -1
Tornado 0 -1
Witch 0 0
Wizard 0 0
Elite Barbarians 0 N/A


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