Clash Royale Card Tier List (5th Edition) by Clyde

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It’s been a while Clashers! I had actually tried to make a tier list after the release of Tornado, but going through it, I saw that only 3 cards changed positions LOL (for those of you curious, those 3 cards were Graveyard, Barbarian Hut, and Tornado). Without being paired with game updates, Tornado was not a significant enough addition to the roster to warrant a huge change in the meta. The same could have been said about Elite Barbarians, but those guys were saved because updates were released relatively near the release of the Un-Elite Barbarians. Mega Minion maintains its S tier ranking despite the recent nerf, and even has a new buddy. Read on for the newest S tier card, although I’m sure you can guess what it is.

If you missed my last tier list, here is the link.

DISCLAIMER: This tier list is for TOURNAMENT play and is based on my opinions and it may differ from yours or others opinions. My opinion is not better than yours. Just because a card is in a high tier does not mean that every deck should have it. Vice versa, just because a card is in a low tier does not mean that it can’t be used in a competitive deck. A deck with all S tier cards will not necessarily be the best deck; the cards have to complement each other. Within the tiers, I listed the cards by rarity, not by superiority (Legendaries first, Commons last). The cards in **bold** are the movers and their old tier is listed in parentheses.

S – Miner, Princess, The Log, Graveyard(B), Mega Minion, Ice Spirit, Zap

A – Lava Hound, Skeleton Army(B), Bowler, Golem, Ice Golem(B), Hog Rider, Giant, Inferno Tower, Archers(B), Minions(B)

B – Ice Wizard, Lumberjack, Goblin Barrel, Guards, Poison(D), Lightning(A), X-Bow, Musketeer(C), Tombstone, Furnace, Elixir Collector, Barbarian Hut(D), Fireball, Rocket, Minion Horde, Royal Giant(C), Arrows

C – Inferno Dragon, Baby Dragon, Prince, Giant Skeleton, Freeze, Pekka, Mini Pekka, Valkyrie, 3 Musketeers, Skeletons, Fire Spirits(B), Goblins, Spear Goblins, Knight, Barbarians, Cannon, Tesla, Mortar

D – Sparky, Dark Prince, Witch, Balloon, Tornado(NR), Mirror, Wizard, Goblin Hut, Bomber, Elite Barbarians(NR)

F –  Rage, Bomb Tower

S Tier

The OP cards. You’ll see multiples of these cards in top tier decks. They’re either versatile and can fit in many decks or have extremely strong stats.

  • Graveyard(B) – Clash Royale’s newest legendary has finally lived up to its expectations. All it took was for people to start learning how to play it. Graveyard has enough versatility to be used in offensive and defensive decks. A Giant at the bridge followed by a Graveyard on the opponent’s tower is an incredibly powerful push (akin to the now-ancient Giant-Balloon push). On the other hand, a successful defense followed by a Graveyard counter push using your surviving defensive troops (similar to how Miner is used) is an equal, if not superior use for Graveyard. Depending on whether you’re on the commanding or receiving end of it, Graveyard can either make the game really fun or really frustrating.

A Tier

These cards may not be seen as often as S tier cards. They’re not as game-changing as S tier cards, but are still seen in many top tier decks.

  • Skeleton Army(B) – Despite being countered so easily, Skeleton Army is an incredibly powerful card in its own right. It can stop a naked Hog Rider push without taking any damage, can shred Giant or Golem, can kill single-targeting attacking troops like Musketeer while surviving enough to threaten a counter push by itself, and most importantly, is a great to Graveyard. Sure, they could just Zap it, but as long as you know how to stagger your skarmy, a few should survive. Similar to how the presence of Bowler took cards like Barbarians out of the meta, Skeleton Army is taking cards like Mini Pekka and Prince out of the meta.
  • Ice Golem(B) – The buff that allowed a dying Ice Golem to one-shot Skeletons was huge. Not only did this help Ice Golem become better defensively against cards like Graveyard, it also gave it an offensive niche. The bane of many offensive pushes is Skeleton Army, and if you could place the Ice Golem in front of your push, this could protect cards like Giant and Hog Rider from skarmy.
  • Archers(B) – I said I liked it before when Poison was nerfed, and ever since then, Archers have seen even more play. Also a great counter to Graveyard, Archers succeed by being pretty hard to kill by on defense. Even though they die to things like Fireball or Poison, those spells take at least 2 seconds to kill Archers and even then, you will have received some value from them AND gain a 1 elixir advantage.
  • Minions(B) – Another great counter to Graveyard (it was a coincidence that all these cards that got promoted to A tier were also good counters to Graveyard). Minions have begun to see more play in all decks (Giant, Hound, Miner-Control) because you need several answers to Graveyard. Also benefits from the decrease in use of Arrows, although the Poison buff hurts it at nearly the same amount.

B Tier

Used right, these cards will make some great elixir trades; however, they are really situational and against some decks, these cards will be ineffective.

  • Poison(D) – Although not the buff I wanted to see (I’d rather get the movement slow back rather than higher damage), this buff helps Poison compete with Fireball in terms of usage. Being high in damage compensates with the fact that you may not get the full benefit of Poison due to troops walking out of its range. Then again, you may want the delayed damage in cases where you want to discourage your opponent from placing troops in a certain area. Along with the bigger radius, Poison has enough superiorities to make it more attractive to use than Fireball in some cases.
  • Lightning(A) – See I told you Lightning wasn’t OP. All it took was a small nerf to Mega Minion, which caused it to be played slightly less, which made people play Lightning slightly less. Could also be due to the Poison buff.
  • Musketeer(C) – Gets a small promotion due to Lightning being played a little less. It was already a fringe B/C Tier card and this little boost was enough to push it over the threshold.
  • Barbarian Hut(D) – This was one of the few cards that was going to get a promotion after the Tornado update. Barbarian Hut provides so much value over time. 2 Barbarians have enough stats to threaten damage on a tower, meaning that your opponent has to react to each wave. It’s a tremendous counter ground based pushes (Giant, Golem, Hog) and even opens play for cards like 3 Musketeers (because both Barbarians and the Hut have more HP than the muskies).
  • Royal Giant(C) – Honestly, I’ve always been biased against this card (who isn’t?), but not because I hate playing against it like probably most of you, but because I never really thought it was that hard to deal with. Yeah, I’ve lost against it, but it was rarely a case of “man, that card was really strong.” But I have to admit, people are getting craftier with using it instead of the classic “just drop it at the bridge and pray.” Also, its common for people to only have 2 or 3 answers to a card like Royal Giant with 3 spell decks, or cards like Ice Golem and Ice Spirit seeing frequent play and a savvy RG user could out-cycle your damage cards.

C Tier

Most of these cards shine when they’re used in combination with a certain card or deck. Individually, these cards can be lackluster or even useless.

  • Fire Spirit(B) – A small “housecleaning” demotion. Fire Spirit don’t see enough play to justify a B tier ranking in my opinion. This is more due to its awkward place in the meta as opposed to its strength.

D Tier 

These cards either have bad stats, are easily countered, or are just outshined by other cards that do a better job. You’ll see them sometimes, and they may even help win a game or two, but not consistently.

  • Tornado(NR), Elite Barbarians(NR) –  The underwhelming brothers. SuperCell’s newest releases have less hype combined than Graveyard did. They were pretty unimpactful additions. Tornado’s vacuum effect is too situational to justify using over something like Zap and Elite Barbarians don’t provide enough utility on either offense or defense to justify a 6 elixir cost. I like Tornado as a card, but am meh about Elite Barbarians.

F Tier

The worst of the worst. You will rarely see these cards and it is even rarer to see these cards used effectively.

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  2. Mark

    I’ve been having a lot of success in arena 7 with balloon pushes, is it more effectively countered in your notes/higher arenas?

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      you’ll likely run into a lot more air defense once you get to Arena 8 and above


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