Phoenix Armada wins first ever Vainglory World Championships

Korean teams continues to show its dominance in the world of eSports, with Phoenix Armada winning the inaugural Vainglory World Championships this past Sunday over Team SoloMid.

The story heading into the final day of the Worlds was “USA v.s. Korea”: all 3 American teams – Team SoloMid, Gankstars Sirius, and Hammer Velocity – advanced into the semi-finals, with Phoenix Armada being the only remaining non-American team.  In the first semi-finals match-up, Phoenix Armada dominated early and often, and secured their spot in the finals with a 3-1 series victory over Gankstars Sirius.

Team SoloMid was considered by many to be the only team that can challenge Phoenix Armada, but they would have to first get pass the talented Hammers Velocity team in the second semi-finals match-up.  TSM dominated the pace of the games early and jumped out to a 2-0 series lead, but a strategic change from Hammers Velocity to switch to a Skaarf compositon helped counter VONC’s aggression and gave Hammers the late game edge it needed to pull off 2 consecutive victories.  In the 5th and deciding game, a late game Kraken secured by Hammers had the chance to finish off the reverse sweep against TSM, but instead TSM was able to win one final team fight and destroyed the opposing Vain Crystal before the Kraken could reach theirs.

The highly anticipated final series between TSM and Phoenix Armada was a best of 7 match-up.  Armada dominated the first 2 games, leading viewers to believe that it would be a clean sweep for the Koreans. Hoever, TSM finally found their groove in the third march and secured their first win to battled their way back in to the series. Team Solo Mid made a valiant effort to make the series competitive but Armada imposed its will and closed out the series 4-2.  North America firmly established that it is the best region in the world, but Armada showed that it is firmly the best team in the world.

Everybody expected Druids excellence, Mango’s aggression, but nobody anticipated that Willy would be the key to Armada’s dominance. Not only did he make a statement with his great play, but put the world on notice that he is the best Roamer in the world. Willy stole the show and spotlight, and received recognition as the MVP for the Final series.

With the release of Vainglory 2.0 around the corner, it’ll be interesting to see which teams will come back strong again in the next competitive season.  We can’t wait to see what’s in stall for Vainglory in 2017!

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