Most Popular Clash Royale Decks and Cards from Doctor Decks

Editor’s Note: We have a special guest post from Doctor Decks! is a community of Battle Decks. The web is updated every week and has a ranking of cards and the top 10 decks of each arena.  

In Clash Royale your battle deck is the first step to reach the Legendary Arena!

Each deck should be balanced: attack vs defense, air vs ground, etc. What it is really important is that you choose a deck that fits your playing style!

The best decks are chosen using an A.I. algorithm trained with:

  • Battle decks of top players
  • Likes / Don’t likes of every member in the community

Top Decks

These are the Top 3 decks in the legendary arena: (December, 5 of 2016)


The Royal giant got stronger during the last weeks, and this decks with him as a main card did it to reach the Top 1!


This fast deck is now in the Top 2, using Miner to distract the tower and a good defense is the key to the victory!


This deck with the giant as tank is in Top 3! Elixir collector and Poison are back!

Cards Ranking

One thing to remark is that Mega Minion was nerfed this week but he is still a very powerful card, maybe the usage drop during next days but it is still a very good card!

In card ranking he is still in the Top 2!

Zap and Archers are 2 cheap cards that a lot of people love and use!


How to contribute with the Battle Decks Community?

Very easy!

The community has an Online Deck Suggester, after you see a deck you can say if you like it or not done!



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