A first look at the 4 new Jungle Arena Clash Royale Cards

Some big news coming from the world of Clash Royale today with the announcement for a new Arena, and 4 new cards to come along with it!  Unlike with previously new card releases, the Clash Royale team has decided to release the information on all 4 cards at once to avoid “leaks” from content creators who jump the gun on releasing the information before everyone else.  Also, this will be the first time where no new Legendaries will be released!  At first glance, some of these new cards look like direct counters to cards/card types that are currently dominating the meta.  Here’s our breakdown of each card from what we know so far:

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-8-43-01-amDart Goblin

Dart Goblin is essentially a poor man’s Princess.  He has the same range as the Royal Giant, moves and attacks very fast, and has pretty much the same health as Princess at comparable levels (Rare v.s. Legendary).  He’s able to dish out much more damage per second than Princess, but hits single targets instead of an area.

Dart Goblin sounds good on paper and has pretty decent range, but its low health will make him bait for Log and Arrows.  Based on first impressions, I would still rather play Archers or Musketeer over Dart Goblin simply due to the fact that both are able to take a few more hits while being almost as effective in cleaning up small and air troops.



Sick of wasting your spells on all these Zap/Arrow baits?  Now we have another troop that will wipe Skeletons/Goblins/Minions with ease!  As per his description, the Executioner throws out his axe like a Boomerang which damages targets twice.  While the concept sounds unique, when it comes down to it Executioner is actually just a tankier Wizard.  Having about the same amount of hitpoints as Bowler, Executioner will be able to survive Lightning and any other spells.  Its range and movement speed is the same as Wizard, but attacks slower and dishes out less damage per second.

With the abundance of 5-Elixir area damage troops (Wizard, Bowler, Witch), I really would have liked to see Executioner be a 4 or 6-cost troop instead (with corresponding stats).  Given its durability and ability to attack air troops, I would expect to see Executioner being played more than the 3 comparable cards – once players have the card leveled up enough!



Battle Ram

Now here’s a card I LOVE: Battle Ram!  At a cost of 4-Elixir, Battle Ram is a ground troop that charges like Prince/Dark Prince, picking up speed as it sprints and dealing double damage on its target (buildings only).  After hitting its target (or getting taken down), the Battle Ram will spawn 2 Barbarians instantly!

With buildings such as Inferno Tower/Tombstone/Furnace being such a nuisance, it’s great to finally have a non-spell card that can deal big damage to buildings.  The initial Battle Ram is also great at eating up damage, as the “Ram” will be gone once it hits a building anyway.  And while Barbarian Hut spawns a lot more Barbarians over time, Battle Ram instantly brings your Barbs to the front line where they can absorb and deal damage right away!  As a long time user of the classic Barbarians/Hog Rider push, I can now totally see the viability of the new Battle Ram/Hog Rider push.  As a bonus, this is another card that could potentially work well with the Clone spell!



Goblin Gang

Finally, we have the Goblin Gang.  For 3 Elixir, this card spawns 6 Goblins: 3 Spears and 3 Knives.  Needless to say, this is pretty good value, as Goblins are capable of dealing damage very quickly and Spear Goblins are pretty good as a back row troop.  A Zap or Log will be able to counter this for a positive Elixir trade, but chances are a deck with Goblin Gang will have other cards that make good Zap/Log targets as well.

One interesting way to play this card is to split them from behind your King Tower.  Three Goblins attacking each way should be able to dish out some meaningful damage, and may force your opponent to overcommit on defense on one lane while you push on another.  At such great value for 3-Elixir (and a common card to boot!), expect Goblin Gang to be even more popular than Skeleton Army once it is released.


  1. Ian Stull

    “One interesting way to play this card is to split them from behind your King Tower. Three Goblins attacking each way… ”

    Is this confirmed? If not, I’m willing to bet they spawn in the same pattern as Minion Horde and split the same 4 & 2.

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Hmm that’s a good point, the formation on deployment does look similar to that of Minion Horde. We’ll have to see once the streamers start testing it out!

      1. Pr0blemS0lved

        I wish they’d fix the Barb spawn too when you drop them behind the King. Sometimes its 3 and 1…sometimes its 2 and 2…

        1. Cory

          It’s not really a fix as it is pathing. When a tower is down they will walk differently. The arena isn’t symmetrical either, so placing it on the right tile will affect whether they split evenly or not.

  2. Bill

    Uhhh there are only 3 cards in jungle.


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