Crown Duel Challenge coming to Clash Royale

Clash Royale fans are in for a treat this weekend as the Clash Royale Crown Duel tournament will take place live at 3pm EST on December 17.  To coincide with the special tournament, Clash Royale will also have a limited time in-game Crown Duel event starting tomorrow!

Possibly inspired by our Northern Arena Ambassadors Competition in Toronto earlier this year, the Crown Duel event will allow players to draft 4 cards into their decks.  Once the match starts, each player will be presented with 2 cards, from which one must be chosen for your deck.  The catch: the card that is not chosen will be given to your opponent!  This process will repeat 4 times, at which point you will have your deck of 8 cards from the 4 that you chose, and the 4 that was passed over by your opponent.

Given that the 2 cards presented each time will be random, there’s a big element of luck (RNG) involved with this format.  And unlike our Toronto tournament, instead of being able to round out your deck with good cards of your choice, you’ll likely be getting some not very good cards by your opponent.  Here are some quick tips on how to get the upper hand with this format:

  • Damage Spells are your best friend, as they can pretty much go well with any deck!  Make sure that you keep all spell cards to yourself – even if it means trading off a good troop or building card.
  • On the other hand, stay away from effect spells such as Freeze, Clone, Mirror and Rage.  Without knowing what other cards will be in your deck, it’ll be hard to pull off effective combos with these cards.  Also, since you know your opponent will be getting these cards, it will take away their element of surprise as well.  Graveyard would be an exception to this: be sure to pick up Graveyard if it shows up!
  • You will want to have at least one “win condition” card from your draft – ie. a card that will deal the majority of the damage against your opponent’s Crown Tower.  Hog Rider, Giant, and Royal Giant will always good solid picks as they are effective and dishing out tower damage, and you can easily surround them with any type of support troops.  If you happen to pick up an X-Bow or Mortar, then make sure you round out your picks with enough troops/spells to defend it.
  • Stay away from high cost cards.  Imagine if you pick a Golem, and your opponent leaves you with a Skeleton Giant and P.E.K.K.A.?  Low cost cards are more versatile and will allow you to better combo up with whatever cards your opponent dumps over to you.


  1. Will Roberson

    When is this coming back?

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      I don’t know but I hope it will come back!

  2. Colton bunch

    Now some you know when it will come back


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