Clash Royale Singapore Open heats up competitive scene in Asia

While Clashers in North America were fixated on the Crown Duel Tournament this past weekend, players in Singapore were also duelling it out live at the Clash Royale Singapore Open.  Hosted by IAH Game’s Gami Fest Asia, the tournament brought in 250 of the game’s top players from Singapore and Malaysia to compete for a top prize for SG$1,250 (~USD$860) and a Secret Lab gaming chair.


Players gather around during the qualifiers stage of the tournament

Rather than using the standard 1-hour ladder tournament format, the live qualifiers had participants split into 8 different groups of 32, with groups A, B, C, D starting at 11am and E, F, G, H starting at 2pm.  In the bracket tournament format, players competed in a single elimination best of 3 matches; the winner of each group would earn a spot to compete on the stage for the grand prize.


Top Singapore clan Aura Gaming made their presence felt in the tournament by claiming 6 of the 8 spots in the quarterfinals.  With 4 “Aurains” filling up the bottom half of the bracket, the clan had already guaranteed itself a finalist in the tournament!  The final best-of-5 match up came down to The ROCK from Aura.Alliances against Annihilator from Aura.Cosmos.  In the end, Annihilator was able to take down the #1 The ROCK in a dominant 3-0 series win.

For the Clash Royale community, it is encouraging to see such a large turn out for live Clash Royale events in both Los Angeles and Singapore.  We can only hope that this will lead to even more events across the globe, leading to an eventual showdown between top players across every region (we know Backstabx is definitely up for the challenge!)

A special thank you (and congrats!) to Aura Gaming for sharing this news with us! You can catch the full VOD of the Singapore Clash Royale Open here

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