Clash Royale Card Popularity Snapshot #20

Hello! I recorded the Global Top 100 battle decks used in the previous season and am posting the results here. This list may help answer questions regarding which cards you should request from clanmates, purchase with gold, and ultimately include in your deck.

Card Review

Zap stuns absolutely nobody by staying atop the popularity snapshot this season! The quick, cheap, versatile spell is joined at the top by Ice Golem and Ice Spirit, two other easy ways to spend a little elixir on defense to gain a positive elixir trade. Mega Minion and Fireball endured double-digit losses in usage, but remain the most popular offensive troop and medium-cost spell in the game.

Skeleton Army recruited more players, finding great use in spell bait and Graveyard decks, which heavily punish mistakes made by an opponent. Musketeer has recovered now that Lightning is rarely seen in the metagame. She saw use this season in “Four Musketeer” decks that also run Three Musketeers and Elixir Collector as well as alongside the Hog Rider in the ‘new’ Hog Trifecta (Hog Rider, Musketeer, Ice Golem).

Minions held fast for a top-tier finish as an easy way to cleanup small ground attacks and defend against Graveyard. The Tombstone saw resurged use over Furnace, which fell this season in the competition for most popular spawner. Archers dipped in usage–they are finding fewer valuable targets and are now chopped up too easily by Elite Barbarians. The beefy barbarians have also brought down the usage of the Giant and forced Cannon players to invest more on defense.

Freeze made further gains at the top of the ladder–the max level version of this card lasts so long! Balloon made a big jump in usage, often supported by a max level Lava Hound (necessary at the top of the ladder so that the Pups survive a Zap). The Log and Bowler saw middling usage with fewer ground swarms to combat–spell bait decks now rely on Minion Horde, Goblin Barrel, and Mirror.

Suggested decklists

Bowler-Graveyard Control (11 appearances of this deck archetype): Bowler, Graveyard, Tombstone, Archers, Mega Minions, Ice Golem, Freeze, Zap

Spell Bait Swarm (7 appearances of this deck archetype): Minion Horde, Furnace, Goblin Barrel, Mirror, The Log, Skeleton Army, Fireball, and PICK ONE: [Spear Goblins] (4); OR [Princess] (3)

Hog Rider Control (7 appearances of this deck archetype): Hog Rider, Ice Golem, Cannon, Skeletons, Fireball, Ice Spirit, Zap, and PICK ONE- [Musketeer] (4); OR [Mega Minion] (3)

Lava Hound Beatdown (6 appearances of this deck archetype): Lava Hound, Balloon, Skeleton Army, Fireball, Tombstone, Mega Minion, Minions, Zap

Hog-Freeze Beatdown (6 appearances of this deck archetype): Hog Rider, Elite Barbarians, Freeze, Musketeer, Zap, Ice Golem, Minions, Ice Spirit

Balloon-Freeze Control (6 appearances of this deck archetype): Balloon, Freeze, Zap, Ice Golem, Archers, Skeleton Army, and PICK- [Mega Minion and Tombstone] (3); OR [Minions and Cannon] (3)

Giant-Four Musketeers Beatdown (5 appearances of this deck archetype): Giant, Three Musketeers, Musketeer, Elixir Collector, Zap, Ice Golem, Ice Spirit, Mega Minion

X-Bow Siege (4 appearances of this deck archetype): X-Bow, Inferno Tower, The Log, Fireball, Archers, Mega Minion, Ice Spirit, Ice Golem

Three Musketeers Beatdown (4 appearances of this deck archetype): Three Musketeers, Elixir Collector, Mega Minion, Hog Rider, Ice Spirit, Elite Barbarians, Ice Golem, Zap

Bowler-Miner Control (4 appearances of this deck archetype): Bowler, Miner, Skeleton Army, The Log, Goblin Barrel, Princess, Furnace, Minion Horde

What conclusions do you draw from these numbers? Share in the comments below, send me a tweet @Woody_CR, or discuss it with me on my Twitch stream.

View the raw data here:

Card Popularity Table

Card Appearances Change
Zap 77 -6
Ice Golem 67 15
Mega Minion 58 -21
Fireball 43 -26
Skeleton Army 38 7
Ice Spirit 37 7
Musketeer 37 9
Minions 34 0
Tombstone 34 13
Archers 31 -11
Freeze 30 10
The Log 29 0
Hog Rider 24 -5
Elite Barbarians 22 -11
Furnace 22 -10
Graveyard 20 4
Balloon 19 17
Bowler 18 -6
Elixir Collector 18 9
Giant 18 -11
Cannon 14 -2
Goblin Barrel 14 11
Minion Horde 13 10
Three Musketeers 12 11
Mirror 11 9
Lava Hound 9 3
Miner 8 -4
Princess 8 1
Skeletons 8 8
X-Bow 6 1
Spear Goblins 5 3
Inferno Tower 4 -1
Fire Spirits 2 -2
Golem 2 -1
Lightning 2 -8
Poison 2 -1
Arrows 1 -1
Rocket 1 1
Royal Giant 1 -3
Tornado 1 1
Baby Dragon 0 -1
Barbarian Hut 0 -1
Barbarians 0 -3
Bomb Tower 0 0
Bomber 0 0
Clone 0 0
Dark Prince 0 0
Electro Wizard 0 N/A
Giant Skeleton 0 0
Goblin Hut 0 0
Goblins 0 -1
Guards 0 -6
Ice Wizard 0 -3
Inferno Dragon 0 0
Knight 0 -1
Lumberjack 0 -2
Mini P.E.K.K.A 0 -1
Mortar 0 0
P.E.K.K.A 0 0
Prince 0 -1
Rage 0 0
Sparky 0 0
Tesla 0 0
Valkyrie 0 0
Witch 0 0
Wizard 0 0

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