Clash Royale Worst Card Ranking (Jan 2017)

Can you believe that it’s been 6 months since our inaugural Clash Royale Worst Card Ranking!   Much has changed in the game since then with the introduction of numerous new cards and plenty of balance changes, so we thought it would be worthwhile to revisit these rankings again.  Once again, NONE of these card are being played by the game’s top 100 players (as indicated by Woody’s latest Card Popularity Snapshot), and the order of the rankings are purely subjective based on the editor’s opinion.

Clash Royale Worst Card Rankings (Jan 2016)

Rank Card Last Rank
1 Clone clonecard N/A We had such high expectations for Clone before it came out, but the spell has been an absolute disappointment.  Not only do cloned troops only have 1 HP, but the clone spell temporarily slows down the troops that you are cloning, stopping them from their movement/attack and giving your opponent ample time to Zap/Arrow/Log away everything that you just cloned.  We’ve tried experimenting Clone with the likes of Lava Hound/Lumberjack/Elite Barbarians/Three Musketeers, but at the end of the day Rage is a much safer spell to cast of some added offense, and Rage isn’t exactly lighting it up in competitive decks either.  There’s just way too many ways to deal with horde attacks nowadays; this spell’s going to need a major rework if it is ever going to make an impact in this game.
2 P.E.K.K.A.  pekka N/A You’d think an iconic character such as P.E.K.K.A. would get more love in Clash Royale, but there’s almost no way one can win with this card in a competitive deck right now.  P.E.K.K.A. is slooow, and unless you’re a building targeter (i.e. Golem and Ice Golem), you have no place in this current meta.  Right now, P.E.K.K.A. can be countered by just about any card/combination of cards out there.  As a start, I think P.E.K.K.A. should be made immune to all effects (ie. Freezes, slow downs, push backs) to give the troop a little bit of an edge over its cheaper alternatives.
3 Bomb Tower bomb_tower 3 Seriously, who uses the Bomb Tower other than low Arena players??  It is a sitting target for Royal Giants, and does nothing against air troops other than eat up damage.  I’ve been saying it for almost a year now: have the Bomb Tower spawn a Bomber (an almost equally unpopular card) upon being destroyed!
4 Giant Skeleton giant_skeleton 4 The Giant Skeleton has been buffed so many times now that I lose count, and STILL the card has yet to find its way into any competitive decks.  Yes, the death damage is scary, but there are just waaaay too many ways for players to distract/kite away this 6-Elixir troop.  It also doesn’t help that speedy troops like Elite Barbarians can easily take out the GS and escape its death blast radius without a problem.
5 Witch witch N/A You would think a troop that can deal area damage to air + ground AND spawn skeletons would be more useful, but Witch has absolutely no place in the current meta thanks to an abundance of ranged troops that cost less and are better than her (Ice Wizard, Musketeer, and the new Electro Wizard just to name a few).  A buff in hitpoints (and I mean a BIG buff) would make Witch more playable, but otherwise she’s just a totally underpowered Epic card.


Once again 4 of the 5 cards are Epics!  I’m having trouble picking which Epics to request on Sundays now because so many Epics are terrible!!

Our Card Power Rankings will be back starting next week!



  1. Richard

    Dude the clone is good and the P.E.K.K.A also the giant skeleton and the witch the bomb tower I agree with him I’m you think those cards suck then your a ***

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      No need for personal insults! But fact is top players are not using these cards and you’ll rarely ever see in Arena 8. If you can find a way to play these cards well then please share with us!

      1. Sam

        Bro, he’s just one of those rude and annoying arena 6 kids that I wreck everyday on my lvl 1 account 😂, they don’t even know what the meta is. Well it’s not their fault, they haven’t gotten to the top yet

  2. bob

    use clone to clone hounds balloons and zapped minions and giant skeli(also on the list) my new hound balloon clone deck got me 400 trophies since clone came out witch is not bad but ur right about pekka and bomb tower i mean everyone used it in coc and NOBODY in royale… sad

  3. Sam

    Clone has a little potential but I agree that it’s worse than rage, giant skeleton are good defensively though, pekka needs wizard to be effective and wizard isn’t used much because it’s not worth the 5 elixir, witch helps me a lot on my lvl 1 account though and bomb tower is just not good

  4. Black

    I’m a level 8 in Frozen peak yet I still use the witch. I mean it would be very useful for cycle decks and a good counter for horde, spawned deck users. Seriously I find it very useful.

  5. Cubic Ice

    I’m still running pekka 3 muskies at 4500…. My pekka is only level 8 epic


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