An in-depth look at Vainglory Update 2.1

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Just one month and four days removed from the release of Patch 2.0, the largest update to date, Super Evil Megacorp has dropped another slew of changes with wide-ranging and game-changing implications. For the full and complete patch notes click on the link below.

Blitz Beta

Patch 2.1 introduces a completely new game type, Blitz. While the developers are quick to acknowledge that the fast paced game mode is still in Beta, the new mode has already been met with widespread approval. Guaranteed to last no longer than five minutes, Blitz is the perfect gameplay option for players who don’t have the time to play a Battle Royale or full match.

Epic Mystery Chest

Following up on the success of the Mystery Chest released in Patch 2.0, Super Evil Megacorp has released a bigger and better version branded as the Epic Mystery Chest. With the guarantee of unlocking a skin, hero and at least 20 opals, the newest way to blow money on Vainglory has a very healthy bang to buck ratio. The Epic Mystery chest also offers players the slim chance to win one million ICE, which would cost approximately 6,943 US dollars if purchased from the in-app marketplace. Even SEMC Head of Community and general overlord PlayoffBeard got in on the fun, tweeting a photo of his own loot.

The other non-gameplay related changes in Patch 2.1 are largely aesthetic. Two new skins have been released, Wuxia Ozo and Gladiator Lance.








Tantalizingly, several skins have been put into the market with no direct purchase option. The long-awaited Legendary Bug Petal skin looks incredible, but the only way to unlock the Unidentified Floral Object as of yet is by winning it from an Epic Mystery Chest. Completely new to the skins marketplace, unique colors of the same Sparkler Skaarf skin will be available for future purchase as well.

Gameplay Changes

The changes to heroes and gameplay in Patch 2.1 are something of a capstone to the foundation 2.0 established. The developers of Vainglory have never been shy about their goal to create a diverse, dynamic and option-oriented game; further changes in 2.1 build upon that premise, and address community concerns over lack of early game options.

The lane and jungle minions now spawn ten seconds later, giving players time to set up early game chicanery; furthermore, a neutral Elder Treant now sets up shop for the first four minutes of the game, keeping the seat warm for the incoming Jungle Shop and creating a contestable objective in neutral jungle territory. Tweaks to the Hero Bounty system boost the importance of securing kills through the entire game; and the introduction of First Blood bonus gold and stacking kill/assist bounties increases the tactical and financial value of fighting the enemy team. To no one’s surprise, the developers continue tinkering with the Crystal Miner. This time around they changed his damage mechanics, adjusted his experience/gold payout, and have limited him to just three lives on the fold.

Hero Balance Changes

For the complete breakdown of hero balance changes, including numbers, percentages and sweet little notes from Zekent, please follow the topmost link to the full patch notes. The following chart organizes the affected heroes into two easy-to-understand groups: SEMC’s naughty list, the nerfed heroes, and those blessed by the devs above, the buffed.

Nerfed Buffed
Petal Taka
Gwen Rona
Catherine Lyra
Lance Fortress
Samuel Krul
Kestrel Ardan
Phinn Idris
Skye?? Skaarf


Skye defies easy categorization; changes to the mechanics of Forward Barrage sacrifice raw damage for increased kiting, pushing her weapon path further towards auto-attack damage.

Item Changes

The only change to items beyond bug fixes is an adjustment to the delivery system of Nullwave Gauntlet. Now there are two opportunities to block the item silence, a blessing for those who have had their worlds rocked by a point-blank NG. The link below will take you to a video showing the specific changes.

Once again, for a detailed descriptions of the changes in Patch 2.1 please read the full patch notes.

2017 promises to be an exciting year for Vainglory and the competitive scene; there have been huge changes to the game since Worlds was held in early December, how those changes will affect the professional scene is an unknown but exciting prospect. Make sure to follow along with us at MoEsport for the latest news!

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