Clash Royale Advanced Strategy Guide – Spells

Editor’s Note: We would like to welcome our newest contributing writer Dreamz to the MoEsport family! Dreamz is a long time Clash Royale veteran and will be sharing with us advanced strategies for Clash Royale.

Ever wondered why somebody just seems to know the game? How can people win when you are least expecting it? Do you want to have absolute control over the game? Here are some assorted tips and tricks to help you gain the upper hand that are sorted starting from the most basic concepts that many gamers know to more advanced ideas used by the top players of the game! This guide will be broken down into sections due to the fact that so much material is to be covered. This article from Dreamz of MoEsport explains spell placement.

Spell Placement

Spells are the easiest way to “get stuff done” in a match. However in many instances, they are not always the best.

Prediction Spells

Yes, prediction spells are risky, but they can win games in an instant if dropped correctly. In such an Elite Barbarian-dominated meta, Skeleton Army’s use in decks has increased due to the fact that they are a good counter. However, what if a player dropped Elite Barbarians and then a spell to deal with the Skeleton Army beforehand that kills the Skeletons the instant they are deployed? The basic rule of an offensive prediction spell is to never even attempt it unless your opponent has dropped the card you want to predict in generally the same area of the arena twice. Also, when dropping prediction spells, don’t drop them immediately after your attacking troop. Time it so that your opponent has time to react ,and drop the card you want to kill.

Prediction spells can also be used defensively. If a player drops something you want to kill with a spell (ex. Princess) behind their King Tower, wait until it approaches the bridge to kill it with a spell (ie. Log). Only do what this player does (killing it early) if you are at full Elixir or on the offensive. The reason to wait is that most people will drop follow up after the initial troop to attack your tower. This strategy can destroy the initial troop and deal damage to the follow up is it is dropped.

Used with Elixir and card counting (tips coming later!), prediction spells can make the most ordinary player appear to be a psychic mind–reader to their opponent. Just remember: All spells take time to drop and travel except Zap, Lightning, and Poison.

Getting Better Elixir Trades

Many players will gladly Zap a Goblin Gang for what they think is a positive elixir trade. Technically, it is, but it really is not. If you, for example, drop a Valkyrie onto the Spear Goblin part of the Goblin Gang, your 75%+ health Valkyrie will continue to head towards your opponent’s tower, leaving the option for a counter-push. If you choose not to counter, your opponent still needs to play some defense to prevent a few hundred damage on their tower. Compared to a Zap, you are paying 2 more elixir for a 75% health Valkyrie that does a few hundred tower damage if left alone (this is a great deal). When I drop spells on troops defensively, I multiply the spell cost by 1.5 and compare it to the cost of all of the troops in range to determine whether it is a good trade or not. However, if I am attacking, I typically divide by 1.5 to determine cost. However, if you are low on Elixir or have an Elixir disadvantage, just drop the spell. The only exception is the Princess; as mentioned above, wait until the Princess approaches the bridge before you drop spells unless your Elixir bar is full.

Spell Knockback

Along with damaging a unit, some spells also knock them back (ie. Fireball, Log). The Fireball only knocks non-heavy troops but the Log knocks back everything. The most important thing to remember when using Fireball and Log is that they have 360 degree knockback (Yes, even the Log). The Log can knock a unit towards your tower if it is dropped directly on it. It can also knock troops sideways if the targeted unit is on its side. Groups of units or grouped troops (ex. Three Musketeers) can be split up – you can separate a tanking unit from the support using the Log. Aim your spells accordingly!

Tornado Strategy

Tornado can drag non-ranged units from your Crown Towers to your King Tower, thus activating it. Currently, not many people realize the potential of the Tornado – use it before it’s nerfed! Some popular Tornado uses are pictured.

Game-Winning/Tying Spells

Don’t save a spell that wins the game or ties the game for the last second! Although it is impressive and flashy, a spell that ties up the game dropped at the last second gives you an Elixir disadvantage going into overtime. Also, don’t save the spell for the last second; you never know if your opponent has a card in their rotation that they have not shown to you yet that can win the battle in an instant. When dropping a game-winning spell, you want it to take effect in as less time as possible. If it is not Zap, Lightning, or Log, drop it so that the upper edge of the targeted area barely touches the tower and as close to your side of the map as possible. Log should be dropped as close to the tower as possible. If dropping Lightning, try to make sure that the tower has the highest hitpoints of anything in the area of effect so it is targeted first. Zap and Poison are reliable spells to end a game with because they both target everything in its area of effect almost instantly.

Suggestions? Comments? New Strategies? Questions? Leave a comment below!


  1. Scott

    I found this articles advice to be fairly basic and arguably wron in terms of requiring a card to have been played twice in order to require a spell to be played predictably. My highest trophy count is roughly 3,500 and my max challenge wins is 8. What metrics do you use to determine an advance player? Thank you

    1. Dreamz (Post author)

      Hi Scott,

      I apologize for the fact that the strategy in this article is mostly basic strategy. I felt that it would be better to start with the basics for the players in lower arenas and work upwards to the complex strategies as the players themselves increase their trophy count instead of the other way around. I will be posting every two to three weeks.
      During critical moments of the game, one incorrectly played prediction spell can result in a loss due to the elixir disadvantage it gives you. A two or even three elixir disadvantage is probably not enough to determine the outcome of a match in overtime unless the game is extremely close. However, wasting four or more elixir certainly can determine the result of many matches. Furthermore, you can’t exactly predict where your opponent is going to drop their counters. For example, a Skeleton Army dropped to counter Elite Barbarians can be dropped in front of the tower, in the middle, or slightly to the right (my personal preference). If you dropped a Log on the bridge after your Elite Barbarians, it would not do anything and your push would go to waste unless you spent even more elixir.
      The first time a player drops a card that I want to be able to predict, it might be a coincidence. Only until an opponent drops it in the same place at the same time twice can you know that it is a habit. I prefer a safe style of play, which is what most professional players do.
      The word “advanced” is an opinion. Generally, the rule of thumb that I use is that if the arena number you are in is equal or higher to your level, you are a good player. I would consider a person with 3,500 trophies “good” if they are a high Level 10 or a very low Level 11. Another way to determine the ability of a player is through challenge wins. Having a max win count of 11 or higher would statistically put you in the top 27% of all players. That’s good enough to be considered “advanced” in my opinion. If you can get 12 Classic Challenge wins 70%+ of the time without using any Legendaries, you should consider playing in international tournaments.

      Thank you for bringing up some important issues,

  2. Dreamz (Post author)

    Thanks! More strategy posts will be coming–probably every two to three weeks.


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