Clash Royale Card Strategy: 9 Advanced Tips of Playing Freeze

Hey Guys! Sakuyamon is back after the long vacation. The Freeze Spell, despite being a very niche card, has a ton of uses – its potential on offense and defense are limitless. In this section I will share 9 great tips on how to utilize Freeze to its full potential.

1) The Freeze Spell surprises people: use that to your advantage
This is a huge point. Nowadays considering Freeze to be in most decks is very rare. Because of this, most players leave low health cards without a tank alone. There is simply no need to worry that the Miner/Hog/Musketeer/Inferno Dragon/Mini P.E.K.K.A or any card will get to the Tower. You should use this to your advantage and save the Freeze Spell for when it is needed most. Wait until you can get a guaranteed 1000 damage push, as this will allow you to take full advantage of the surprise effect.

2) Don’t over spend
This is a more basic point, but only use the Freeze if you planned to use it. (Only after you have gone through the numbers, looked at the math, and see a good risk/reward payout ). The Freeze Spell adds a lot of Elixir to a push, and if it can’t be rewarded properly, or you’re already down Elixir, then your opponent’s counter push may be devastating.

3) Find the Elixir cost sweet spot for pushes with Freeze and stick to it
Finding the right time to use the Freeze is critical – too small of a push and it’s a waste of Elixir, and too big of a push and they can punish you with a counter push. Depending on how aggressive your deck is, it can range from 8 Elixir with a Hog Freeze to a 13+ with a P.E.K.K.A double Prince.

4) Its value comes from its offense, not its defense
Rarely will you ever want to use the Freeze for defensive reasons. The only card I would suggest using defensive Freeze with is the Valkyrie, and even then it’s crazy expensive for its value. Usually i only consider using a defensive Freeze until after you take out a Tower – this is because the Freeze cannot deal any direct damage on its own. Only after you take out a Tower can you afford to use this to prevent last minute Tower damage, as offense has become a second priority.

5) Wait for your cards to have minimal health before freezing
Yes, this one is obvious and basically every Youtuber has shared this advice, but it is still very important to point out and to learn. Troops assisted by the Freeze will do the same damage if they have 1 hp or 1000.  Holding the Freeze allows you to stop their entire defense, and has no disadvantages.

6) Beware of counter spells
Even though units may not be able to attack your troops while frozen, spells can still deal damage to them. For some combos (such as double Prince) this advice can be mainly ignored, because the chances that somebody will think to Fireball low health Princes are highly unlikely. Balloon struggles against Fireball, so your opponent uses Fireball as their main Balloon defense, place the Freeze when the Balloon has half health. For cards such as the Skeleton Army, try to lure your opponent’s counter spell out of rotation – this will allow your units to get the full potential out of the Freeze and not just be blown away by spells.

7) If you can already deal a decent amount of chip damage, don’t bother with Freeze!
Like any card, only use it when it can produce value. For example, if your opponent counters your Hog Rider with an Ice Wizard, your Hog Rider will already get enough chip damage in for good value value, and the Freeze would be a waste for double the cost. However, if they defend with Barbarians, Ice Wizard, and Ice Spirit, then of course you should use a Freeze, as the added value you get as extra with the Hog is enough to negate the loss of Elixir from the Freeze.

8) Always have an answer on defense
There are a few ways to be able to have a good defense while using Freeze. The first is to use a low cost deck that can always have an option available to defend after the Freeze. The second is to use Elixir pumps so that you have a surplus of Elixir ready to be used. The third is to wait for double Elixir, which will work similarly to the previous point. And finally, you can have overwhelming offense that will prevent your opponent from building up any offensive attacks.

9) Remember the Freezes duration for last minute defensive deployment
Although the Freeze Spell feels like it has an incredibly long duration, don’t expect it to save your Towers. If you have a Royal Giant near your 400 hp Tower and 10 seconds left, a single Freeze won’t be able to shut it down. Remember it and understand that it will never last nearly as long as you want.

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