Everything you need to know about the 5 new teams entering Vainglory eSports

Super Evil MegaCorp dropped one of its biggest announcements today by welcoming five premier eSports organizations into its competitive ranks.  The five teams – Echo Fox, Fnatic, Immortals, NRG and Rogue – should be familiar to those of you who follow mainstream eSports games such as League of Legends or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.  While the organizations are new to Vainglory, the players representing them are anything but new to the game.  Here is our quick 101 on each of these teams:

Echo Fox

Roster: Mico “MICSHE” Dedictoria, Nick “CullTheMeek” Verolla, and Paul “LoneDelphi” Davis

Coach: Ben “FooJee” Watley

Team’s claim to fame: Owned by ex-NBA champ Rich Fox, Echo Fox fields top teams in LoL, CS:GO and a number of fighting games

About the players/coach: Mische and CullTheMeek are both Vainglory veterans probably best known for their time with TeamSoloMid.  LoneDelphi represented Ardent Aurora during last Autumn’s Evil Eight competition.  FooJee was a regular at the Vainglory broadcast booth, and should bring some much needed guidance and mentorship to the young team.


Roster: Dennis “TetnoJJ” Klaus, Alessandro “Palmatoro” Palmarini, Deniz “Nettetoilette” Heinzelmann

Team’s claim to fame: One of the most successful eSports organizations out there, FNATICs have bolstered championship teams in both League of Legends and CS:GO.

About the players/coach: TetnoJJ and Nettetoilette were formerly with Ganksters Cerberus, one of the 3 teams from EU that qualified for the Vainglory World Championships.  Palmatoro was formerly with Team Secret and is respected as one of the best VG players in the region.  The FNATIC Vainglory team will be based in London.


Roster: Davis “Vains” Giang, Laurent “Aloh4” Ortega, Riley “DNZio” Haghian

Coach: Jeffrey “SuiJeneris” Chau

Team’s claim to fame: Another big player in mainstream eSports, Immortals have had great recent success in both NA LCS and CS:GO tournaments across the globe.

About the players/coach: Vains, Zio and Aloh4 should be familiar to most Vainglory fans as the popular Hammer Velocity team that recently finished 4th in the World Championships.  SuiJ also joins Immortals from Hammers, where he also served as Velocity’s Head Coach and captain of then-Hammers Kinetic.


Roster: Rommel ‘Hared‘ Soriano, Lukas Shawn ‘Chombo305‘ Perry, Jesus Anthony ‘GASPY‘ Tabares

Team’s claim to fame: Success aside, NRG is probably best known of its ownership team, consisting of some of the who’s who in the traditional sporting world (co-owners of the Sacramento Kings, Shaquille O’Neal, Alex Rodriguez amongst others).

About the players: Hardek is a long time veteran in the Vainglory competitive scene, having competed in almost all of the VG regional finals during his time leading Nemesis Hydra and later Cloud 9.  Chombo305 and GASPY are relatively new to the VG competitive scene, but should both prove to be skillful players to compliment Hardek’s deep knowledge of the game.


Roster: xHami, WizardSibs, and Evol

Coach: Gregory “adreN” St. Clair

Team’s claim to fame: Based in Las Vegas, Rogue.gg is currently best known for their successful Overwatch team.

About the players/coach: The entire Rogue Vainglory team will be coming from Team ANRCHY, who qualified for the Evil Eight at the end of VIS Autumn Split 2.  Along with the starting 3, the team will also have GrassKun and Melvin Gonzalez as subs, and Jason “odds” Morse as team analyst.

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