Clash Royale Card Popularity Snapshot #23

Hello! I recorded the Global Top 100 battle decks used in the previous season and am posting the results here. This list may help answer questions regarding which cards you should request from clanmates, purchase with gold, and ultimately include in your deck.

NOTE: A balance update went live immediately after this snapshot, nerfing the popular Executioner and Skeleton Army. In addition, the following cards were buffed: Poison, Witch, P.E.K.K.A, Dark Prince, Baby Dragon, Skeletons.

Watch gameplay of the top decks here.

Card Review

The Log dominates the competition this snapshot, in all its woody glory! It is the only card appearing in over half of all top decks, owing to its cheap cycle and ability to crush threatening ground swarms. Zap continues its descent this snapshot, but holds onto the #2 spot despite its recent nerf. Popular swarm cards Minions and Skeleton Army were the top troops in this snapshot, offering high DPS on defense and shutting down a good variety of ground-based pushes.

Giant tops the list of win condition cards, gaining in popularity among a vast diversity of support troops. He is often found alongside Lightning, which remains the most popular high-cost spell for its ability to obliterate glass cannon troops and neutralize defensive structures. Inferno Tower has nevertheless risen in popularity, as defenders attempt to stem the tide of beatdown decks. Musketeer held her ground this snapshot as a top-tier support troop, but faces growing competition from the Executioner–will his recent nerf slow his increasing popularity?

Fire Spirits made more gains than any other card in this snapshot–they hard counter popular swarm cards and can even be dropped directly on the bridge for chip damage against decks lacking ranged troops. On the other hand, Mega Minion fell more than any other card–are its recent nerfs finally catching up with it? Ice Golem and Ice Spirit remain popular counters to oncoming swarms for their cheap cost and ability to slow and distract.

Spawners Furnace and Tombstone both fell in popularity as players turned toward slow troop cards like Princess that can counter the oncoming trickle of troops. Mini P.E.K.K.A jumped back up in usage among defenders seeking a high DPS troop resistant to both splash damage and Lightning. Hog Rider kept falling; when he did appear he was often accompanied by alternative striking cards like Goblin Barrel.

Players have not yet settled on a favorite middle-cost spell, but Tornado made gains over Fireball and Arrows this season. Rocket rose further, the supplementary win condition also counters Elixir Collector or X-Bow and is a fine way to reach lethal in chip damage decks. Knight made great gains this snapshot for his versatility and spell resistance. Graveyard and Balloon round out the list of top-tier win condition cards, seeing middling usage at the top of the ladder. Prince charged out of the arena and did not see much play this season.

Suggested Decks

Giant-Mini P.E.K.K.A Beatdown (9 appearances): Giant, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Minions, Lightning, Zap, The Log, and CHOOSE- [Elixir Collector, Minion Horde] OR [Musketeer, Furnace] OR [Tombstone, Executioner]

Goblin Barrel-Spell Bait Control/Siege (9 appearances): Goblin Barrel, Skeleton Army, Princess, Knight, Rocket, The Log, Inferno Tower, and CHOOSE- [Fire Spirits] OR [Dart Goblin]

X-Bow Siege (8 appearances): X-Bow, Inferno Tower, The Log, Fire Spirits, Ice Spirit, Elixir Collector, Ice Golem, Musketeer

Royal Giant-Furnace Beatdown/Siege (8 appearances): Royal Giant, Furnace, The Log, Lightning, Minions, and CHOOSE- [Musketeer, Zap, Skeleton Army] OR [Knight, Fire Spirits, Executioner]

Hog Rider-Goblin Barrel Control/Siege (6 appearances): Hog Rider, Goblin Barrel, Skeleton Army, Princess, The Log, Inferno Tower, Fire Spirits, Ice Golem

Hog Rider-Freeze Control (5 appearances): Hog Rider, Princess, Zap, Freeze, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Goblins, Elixir Collector, and CHOOSE- [Ice Spirit] OR [Minions]

Lava Hound-Balloon Beatdown (5 appearances): Lava Hound, Balloon, Lightning, Arrows, Tombstone, Mega Minion, Minions, Skeleton Army

Giant-Bowler-Graveyard Beatdown (5 appearances): Giant, Bowler, Graveyard, Zap, Tornado, Tombstone, Musketeer, Baby Dragon

Giant-Graveyard Beatdown (4 appearances): Giant, Graveyard, Zap, Bowler, Tornado, The Log, Executioner, and CHOOSE- [Mega Minion] OR [Archers]

Giant-Prince Beatdown (4 appearances): Giant, Prince, Furnace, Executioner, The Log, Zap, Lightning, Ice Spirit

Golem Beatdown (4 appearances): Golem, Baby Dragon, Mega Minion, Elixir Collector, Lightning, The Log, Musketeer, Mini P.E.K.K.A

What conclusions do you draw from these numbers? Share in the comments below, send me a tweet @Woody_CR, discuss it with me on my Twitch stream, or tune into my YouTube channel for more Clash Royale content.

View the raw data here:

Card Popularity Table

Card Appearances Change
The Log 73 10
Zap 41 -6
Minions 40 -9
Skeleton Army 37 -5
Giant 35 3
Lightning 33 2
Inferno Tower 30 10
Musketeer 30 0
Ice Golem 25 -3
Executioner 24 6
Fire Spirits 23 22
Furnace 23 -7
Ice Spirit 23 13
Princess 23 1
Elixir Collector 22 -3
Goblin Barrel 21 -2
Mega Minion 20 -21
Mini P.E.K.K.A 20 9
Tombstone 18 -6
Hog Rider 17 -7
Rocket 17 6
Tornado 16 11
Knight 14 14
Arrows 13 -6
Bowler 13 -1
Graveyard 13 5
Balloon 12 -3
Freeze 12 -1
Minion Horde 10 0
Royal Giant 9 4
Fireball 8 -10
X-Bow 8 5
Goblins 7 1
Skeletons 7 2
Archers 6 -5
Golem 6 -8
Miner 6 1
Baby Dragon 5 -3
Lava Hound 5 -1
Mirror 5 -3
Cannon 4 1
Prince 4 -12
Wizard 4 4
Barbarians 3 3
Dart Goblin 3 0
Electro Wizard 3 -1
Three Musketeers 3 1
Clone 1 1
Dark Prince 1 -3
Mortar 1 0
P.E.K.K.A 1 1
Rage 1 -5
Witch 1 1
Barbarian Hut 0 0
Battle Ram 0 N/A
Bomb Tower 0 0
Bomber 0 0
Elite Barbarians 0 -3
Giant Skeleton 0 0
Goblin Hut 0 -1
Guards 0 -2
Ice Wizard 0 0
Inferno Dragon 0 0
Lumberjack 0 0
Poison 0 0
Sparky 0 0
Spear Goblins 0 0
Tesla 0 0
Valkyrie 0 0


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