Clash Royale Card Popularity Snapshot #24

Hello! I recorded the Global Top 100 battle decks used in the previous season and am posting the results here. This list may help answer questions regarding which cards you should request from clanmates, purchase with gold, and ultimately include in your deck.

Card Review

The Log keeps rolling strong at the top of this season’s snapshot! Despite the recent introduction of Goblin Gang, which The Log hard-counters, this legendary spell has seen a decline in usage as players choose troops resistant to its woody wobble. Minions and Mega Minion offer that immunity to The Log and other ground-based attacks, serving as the two staples of versatile, air-based defense.

Giant holds a commanding lead over all other win conditions this season! Seen in one-third of all decks, the bearded bully remains the ideal tank for strong beatdown attacks. Zap dipped slightly following the drop in spell-bait decks, but still sees high usage for its versatility, cheap cost, and ability to reset the attack of enemy units. Skeletons have regained their former glory! Ledoot’s return from the Skeleton Army has seen a +23 usage in Skeletons and a -23 usage in the Army–a spooky coincidence!

The resurgence of Elixir Collector gives added strength to massive beatdown decks relying on Golem and Three Musketeers as their win conditions. The lone Musketeer soldiers on as a strong support troop, but has lost momentum in her climb to the top. The high cost spells Fireball, Lightning, Rocket, and Poison have each achieved strong placement in the snapshot. Top players have found clear roles for each spell, at least one of which is always included to protect their tank of choice in a beatdown deck.

Knight and Miner have enjoyed an uptick in usage over Ice Golem as the mini-tanks of choice. Inferno Tower is burning out in top-level gameplay, but still no other defensive turret holds a candle to its power. Furnace and Fire Spirits also fell these past weeks–can anyone reignite interest in them with a hot, new deck? Minion Horde also saw more play this season as clashers turned toward the sky for more support troops. This trend has bolstered the usage of Archers, Baby Dragon and Ice Wizard.

Hog Rider has fallen from his high perch in recent snapshots; he now rests alongside most other win conditions like Graveyard, Balloon, Golem, Royal Giant, and X-Bow. Splash damage troops Princess, Bowler, and Executioner fell in favor of more reliable spells, but were seen alongside Tornado, the best spell to capitalize on high DPS, splash damage troops. Mini P.E.K.K.A has left the limelight as more players switched to flying troops this season.

Suggested Decks

Giant Beatdown (10 appearances): Giant, Minions, Zap, Minion Horde, Miner, Fireball, Musketeer, Mega Minion

X-Bow Siege (9 appearances): X-Bow, Mega Minion, Fire Spirits, Ice Golem, The Log, Inferno Tower, [Rocket OR Fireball], [Archers OR Ice Spirit]

Giant-Graveyard Beatdown (8 appearances): Giant, Graveyard, Poison, Tornado, Bowler, Tombstone, Mega Minion, Executioner

Golem Beatdown (8 appearances): Golem, Lightning, Elixir Collector, Baby Dragon, Mega Minion, The Log, Minions, Skeletons

Royal Giant Beatdown (8 appearances): Royal Giant, Musketeer, Fire Spirits, The Log, Minions, Lightning, Furnace, Knight

Knight-Goblin Barrel Control (6 appearances): Knight, Goblin Barrel, Skeleton Army, Fire Spirits, The Log, Inferno Tower, Rocket, Princess

Lava Hound-Balloon Beatdown (5 appearances): Lava Hound, Balloon, Mega Minion, Tombstone, Minions, Lightning, Skeleton Army, Arrows

Hog-Rocket Control (4 appearances): Hog Rider, Rocket, Ice Spirit, Skeletons, Princess, Mini P.E.K.K.A, The Log, Ice Wizard

Hog Cycle (4 appearances): Hog Rider, Ice Spirit, Skeletons, Zap, Minions, Fireball, Musketeer, Giant

Three Musketeer Beatdown (4 appearances): Three Musketeers, Ice Spirit, The Log, Miner, Minion Horde, Skeletons, Elixir Collector, Knight

What conclusions do you draw from these numbers? Share in the comments below, send me a tweet @Woody_CR, discuss it with me on my Twitch stream, or tune into my YouTube channel for more Clash Royale content.

View the raw data here:

Card Popularity Table

Card Appearances Change
The Log 57 -16
Minions 51 11
Mega Minion 38 18
Giant 33 -2
Zap 33 -8
Skeletons 30 23
Elixir Collector 27 5
Musketeer 27 -3
Ice Spirit 25 2
Fireball 23 15
Knight 22 8
Lightning 22 -11
Inferno Tower 20 -10
Miner 20 14
Minion Horde 20 10
Tombstone 20 2
Fire Spirits 19 -4
Baby Dragon 18 13
Rocket 18 1
Poison 16 16
Princess 16 -7
Tornado 15 -1
Graveyard 14 1
Hog Rider 14 -3
Skeleton Army 14 -23
Ice Golem 13 -12
Mini P.E.K.K.A 13 -7
Archers 12 6
Balloon 12 0
Furnace 12 -11
Golem 12 6
Bowler 11 -2
Freeze 11 -1
Executioner 10 -14
Goblin Barrel 10 -11
Royal Giant 9 0
X-Bow 9 1
Arrows 8 -5
Ice Wizard 6 6
Goblin Gang 5 N/A
Goblins 5 -2
Lava Hound 5 0
Three Musketeers 5 2
Cannon 3 -1
Electro Wizard 3 0
P.E.K.K.A 2 1
Wizard 2 -2
Barbarians 1 -2
Bomb Tower 1 1
Dark Prince 1 0
Dart Goblin 1 -2
Elite Barbarians 1 1
Guards 1 1
Mirror 1 -4
Rage 1 0
Valkyrie 1 1
Witch 1 0
Barbarian Hut 0 0
Battle Ram 0 0
Bomber 0 0
Clone 0 -1
Giant Skeleton 0 0
Goblin Hut 0 0
Inferno Dragon 0 0
Lumberjack 0 0
Mortar 0 -1
Prince 0 -4
Sparky 0 0
Spear Goblins 0 0
Tesla 0 0


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