All in on Mobile eSports: Interview with Team Queso founder Alvaro

Popular Spanish content creator Alvaro has upped the ante in competitive mobile gaming with the founding of Team Queso.  Having only been officially established for several weeks, Team Queso (Spanish for “cheese”) has already picked up a number of top Clash Royale players and a competitive Vainglory team.  In our exclusive interview, Alvaro shares with us the story behind Team Queso and his thoughts on mobile eSports. 

MoEsport: You are probably best known as a content creator for Youtube.  Why did you decide to expand beyond content creation and into building an eSports organization?

Alvaro: Everyone has been looking into eSports.  It has been very successful in traditional gaming platforms (PC and console), but looking at the gaming industry as a whole, mobile gaming has the biggest audience.  So I figured “why not build an eSports club for mobile”?

MoEsport: What do you hope to accomplish with Team Queso?

Alvaro: We want to be a leading mobile eSports team.  Currently we are competing in Vainglory and Clash Royale: Vainglory because of its great support from the developers, and Clash Royale for its huge fan base.  We want to keep growing as an eSports organization starting with these 2 games.

MoEsport: You are based in Spain, and are one of the most popular Spanish content creators out there.  But from what we’ve seen so far, Team Queso is not an exclusively Spanish-speaking organization?

Alvaro: Yes exactly.  We want to be global leaders, and we are an international organization.  We have recently added top Clash Royale players Marcel_P and Surgical Goblin to our team, and welcome players from all around the world.  But of course we have a very strong connection with the Spanish community and will continue to a big part of it.  For example, one of our top Spanish players Soking had just recently won 3000 Euros at the Mobile Challenge in Barcelona!

MoEsport: You mentioned earlier about the size of the mobile gaming market being a reason for believing in mobile eSports and starting Team Queso.  What do you think it will take for mobile eSports to be able to reach the level of success seen with traditional platform eSports?

Alvaro: Someone out there still needs to find the key for mobile eSports success.  There are around 500 million gaming PCs, but over 4 billion mobile devices and tablets for playing games. I believe someone at some point will find a game that can be 5-6x bigger than the current eSports games, but who knows when, how, or where that will happen!

MoEsport: Let’s talk about Clash Royale specifically – many (including us!) have pinned our hopes that this game will be the breakthrough in mobile eSports.  What do you think Supercell needs to do to take Clash Royale to the next level in competitive mobile gaming?

Alvaro: I think Clash Royale needs an official competition schedule.  For example, there can be a schedule for qualifying tournaments around the world, leading to an official World Championship.  Just like most leading eSports titles, Clash Royale needs official events.  But to be fair, the game is just one year old (as of today!), so hopefully we will be seeing more official events this year in 2017.

MoEsport: Outside of Clash Royale and Vainglory, are you looking to develop competitor players/teams for other games?

Alvaro: We will be keeping an eye for new mobile eSports games.  If there are no new eSports games on mobile, then we will consider expanding to other platforms.  Hearthstone would probably be our first choice if we do expand beyond mobile, and the game is cross platform anyway.  But we are a mobile eSports organization, and our aim is to focus on mobile.

MoEsport: Aside from recruiting competitive players, are you also recruiting content creators to be part of Team Queso?

Alvaro: Yes! In fact we are planning to start a content creator partner program to make content creation easier for everyone. Just within Team Queso, there is so much content to be shared through friendly matches and tournaments.  Surgical Goblin and Marcel_P are already making great videos, and we will have more English speaking content creators joining our team.

MoEsport: Any final thoughts you would like share with our readers?

We are here to be a great eSports team, but also to be a family and keep in touch with community.  I play all the games that I produce videos for, and as I have mentioned recently in one of my videos: “the team is very much yours as it is mine”.  I look forward to growing our family and community together!

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