Team Battle is coming to Clash Royale! Here’s everything you need to know

After teasing the possibility of a Team Battle game mode in Clash Royale, the game team finally dropped the reveal today in the latest episode of Radio Royale.  Here’s everything that we know so far about this new game mode:

Battle Format is 2 vs 2, with both players having their own Elixir Bars and Cards

Just imagine playing a normal match, except you’ll be playing with a fellow teammate simutaneously against 2 other people!

King Tower is shared between players

The King Tower is a lot bigger now with 2 Kings sitting on it, but it’ll only be one health bar shared between the players.

You can not see what cards your teammate has, but you can see where they’re dragging their cards

To make the most out of team battle, you’ll probably want to coordinate your deck with your teammate before heading into the battle.

Arena width is expanded by 4 tiles

Makes sense given the number of cards that will be on the field.  This will likely benefit cards like Lava Hound and Balloon as it’ll be harder to lure them away with defense towers.

Buffs like Rage and Clone are shared

Both you and your teammate’s cards will share the same buffs when dropped within the radius of your team’s cards!

Elixir replenishes slower than a normal 1 vs 1 match

85% as fast during normal match time, and 70% as fast during overtime, as according to Orange Juice

There will be Team Clan Chests

Start practicing with team battles, as you’ll be able to earn Team Clan Chests every other week!

No word on when the Team Battle update will drop, but with the information now out in the open we wouldn’t be surprised if we’ll be seeing it in just a matter of weeks!




  1. Johan

    When the update will com

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      March 24th I believe!

    2. Drdrdr

      Good question I don’t know

    3. ishwar

      i think march 13

  2. Ayush

    I can wait for it to come to clash royale

  3. Glenn Andrei

    actually you can see your teammate’s cards

    1. Darth18revan

      No you can’t, except for the beginning

    2. Darth vader


  4. tony Yang

    It will come out in march 16th for sure

  5. Trainer Nova

    No it comes out march 24 and the only time I can see ur teammates cards at at the beginning and when they drag their cards

  6. Mo

    When does end

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Ended already actually, but it will come back in just a few weeks!

      1. Glen Hasenberg

        Why did it go away? Don’t they want it to be a mainstay?

        1. Wagonut (Post author)

          It will come back in a few weeks – but many players are voicing out that they want this to be permanent, so maybe the CR team will change their mind in the future!

  7. Amera

    I wish the 2vs2 would be permanent. It’s a really cool feature. My entire family and I play and we love it!!! Please keep this feature!!!!

  8. Melody

    I agree. Jeep this feature


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