Clash Royale Card Tier List (13th Edition) by Clyde

Hello all!

Sorry for the long, long, LONG delay with my tier list. I’ve been busy with IRL stuff so I haven’t had time to do these. It’s been so long that there were so many cards moving more than 1 tier! Being out of the game for a while, I had to recruit help for this so thanks to DiegoB and Trainer Chris (two VERY skilled players whose opinions I trust) for helping.


Warning: Be prepare for a LONG tier list. You were warned.


DISCLAIMER: This tier list is for TOURNAMENT play and is based on my opinions and it may differ from yours or others opinions. My opinion is not better than yours. Just because a card is in a high tier does not mean that every deck should have it. Vice versa, just because a card is in a low tier does not mean that it can’t be used in a competitive deck. A deck with all S tier cards will not necessarily be the best deck; the cards have to complement each other. Within the tiers, I listed the cards by rarity, not by superiority (Legendaries first, Commons last). The cards in bold are the movers and their old tier is listed in parentheses.

S – The Log, Graveyard, Electro Wizard(B)

A – Balloon, Golem(B), Goblin Barrel, Poison(C), Lightning, Giant, Tombstone, Furnace, Elixir Collector(B), Rocket, Ice Spirit, Skeletons(C), Minions

B – Princess(A), Miner(S), Lava Hound, Baby Dragon(C), Executioner(S), Bowler(A), Tornado(A), X-Bow, Ice Golem(S), Dart Goblin, Mega Minion(A), Musketeer, 3 Musketeers, Inferno Tower, Fireball, Archers(A), Knight, Royal Giant, Zap(A)

C – Ice Wizard, Lumberjack, Skeleton Army(A), Pekka(D), Mirror, Freeze(B), Mini Pekka, Valkyrie, Prince, Battle Ram, Fire Spirits, Goblin Gang(NR), Barbarians, Minion Horde, Elite Barbarians(A), Arrows(B), Mortar, Guards(B), Barbarian Hut(B), Hog Rider(B), Cannon(B) 

D – Inferno Dragon, Dark Prince, Witch, Giant Skeleton, Rage, Clone, Wizard, Goblin Hut, Goblins, Bomber, Tesla

F –  Sparky, Bomb Tower, Spear Goblins(D)

S Tier

The OP cards. You’ll see multiples of these cards in top tier decks. They’re either versatile and can fit in many decks or have extremely strong stats.

  • Electro Wizard(B) – You all laughed at me when I put this card as A tier, and now he’s probably one of the best cards in the game. He fills in the ranged troop role previously filled by Archers/Musketeer and is more effective than them because of his stun attack and his on-summon stun. He’s very effective at dealing with the Lava-Loon combo if you have another supporting troop like Minions or Baby Dragon. Probably the most low-key buff to him was the buff of Skeletons (the 1 elixir one) because an E-Wiz + Skeleton combo is so good at defending ground tanks like Giant and Golem, and your opponent always hesitates to just Lightning an E-Wiz for a 2 elixir disadvantage.

A Tier

These cards may not be seen as often as S tier cards. They’re not as game-changing as S tier cards, but are still seen in many top tier decks.

  • Golem(B) – The current meta deck right now is Golem + Lightning and there’s multiple reasons for this. The effective cost of these decks goes down because you can play cards like Skeletons and Ice Spirit as support troops. Elixir Collector is making a comeback because Ice Spirit and Skeletons makes it easy to cycle more ECs and both those cards also helps defend against Miner. Baby Dragon (which has become a staple in Golem decks) got a pretty good buff. Hog Rider (a tough matchup for Golem decks) struggles in this meta. The proliferation of E-Wiz prevents your opponent from doing those cheesy Inferno Tower placements near the bridge to prevent you from Lightning-ing both his tower and IT. There’s probably other reasons but you get the idea.
  • Poison(C) – The go-to spell in Graveyard decks. One-shotting Skeletons (more specifically Skeleton Army) is huge in that you can stack your Graveyard and Poison on top of each other to cause them to hesitate playing cards like Skarmy and Minions (the previous biggest counters to GY).
  • Elixir Collector(B) – The buff of Skeletons helps this card in two ways. 1. It helps you cycle to more ECs. 2. It helps you protect them against Miners. If you place it correctly, 1 elixir Skeletons will prevent a Miner from getting ANY hits on your Elixir Collector.
  • Skeletons(C) – Who knew 1 Skeleton would make this much of a difference? The 4th Skeleton makes this card incredibly more viable. It’s a 33% buff! It’s decent (not great) at countering Graveyard. You can use it to counter a full HP Musketeer going to your side and prevent it from getting any hits (it used to allow 1 hit and even Ice Spirit allows 1 hit). It can be used to predict Miners and prevent it from getting any hits. It’s incredibly underrated in defending against ground troops like Giant and Hog (they do more DPS(268) than Minions(252), Mega Minion(172), and Musketeer(16)) and you could pair it with Ice Spirit or E-Wiz for cheap combos to prevent damage. I missed these guys.

B Tier

Used right, these cards will make some great elixir trades; however, they can suffer due to being countered by a popular card or other reasons.

  • Princess(A) – Only really seen in Log bait decks. If you don’t have another card in your deck to take advantage of your opponent using The Log, it’s basically a 1 elixir deficit for you every time.
  • Miner(S) – Skeletons can stop a Miner from getting any hits on your tower/EC. ‘Nuff said.
  • Baby Dragon(C) – I immediately loved the range buff as soon as I saw it. The extended range means you could do neat tricks like place it in the middle to snipe out a building your opponent placed too far forward in the middle. It’s also a staple in Golem + Lightning decks.
  • Executioner(S) – The nerf hit this card hard, but it’s still effectively as a defensive card ESPECIALLY paired with Tornado. It hard counters Lava/Loon and is still effective in Graveyard decks or super defensive decks like Miner Rocket.
  • Bowler(A) – If you see a Bowler, there’s a good chance your opponent is playing Graveyard (with a small chance of them paying Log bait). Regardless, it’s still a good defensive card and extremely frustrating when your opponent gets to stack Bowlers.
  • Tornado(A) – The Executioner + Tornado combo was a huge reason why this card was played so much so Exe’s nerf hurts this card’s ranking. Even then, I still like it as a card because it still effectively in numerous scenarios. The Baby Dragon + Tornado combo (although not as strong as Exe + Tornado) can deal with combos like Lava/Loon decently. Tornado is still really effectively against cards like Golem, Goblin Barrel, and Miner if you’re consistent at pulling them to the King Tower.
  • Ice Golem(S) – It’s now used interchangeably with Knight. If you want want your cheap tank to do damage, use Knight. If you just want it to soak damage, use Ice Golem. You can rarely go wrong with choosing one over the other.
  • Mega Minion(A) – It can’t be compared to an “air Mini Pekka” anymore. It only does 172 damage per second! This along with Lightning being so common and E-Wiz being able to 1v1 it means the Mega Minion use is going to trend downwards.
  • Archers(A) – The bane of Archers (Poison) has come back into the meta. There’s also a plethora of ranged troops available (E-Wiz, Musketeer, 3 Musketeer, Dart Goblin, half of Goblin Gang) that Archers aren’t considered the safest ranged troop anymore.
  • Zap(A) – Do you remember when Zap was the best card in the game? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Back then, it used to be the only card that could reset troops/buildings. Now there’s Lightning and E-Wiz, which have uses other than to reset a building. That’s okay because Zap can trade with Goblin Barrel. Oh wait, it doesn’t one shot Goblins anymore. That’s okay because it’s the best response to Skeleton Army so if you play GY, you have to play Zap. Oh wait, Poison one shots Skeletons now. Leave the poor card alone…

C Tier

Most of these cards shine when they’re used in combination with a certain card or deck. Individually, these cards can be lackluster or even useless.

  • Skeleton Army(A) – Poison buff hurts it, as well as Goblin Gang’s introduction. Dying to one tick of Poison means it’s not as safe of a GY counter. Also, Goblin Gang takes its place in Log bait decks and now Skarmy is really only prominent in Lava Hound decks.
  • Pekka(D) – Gets a little love because of all of the Golems roaming about. It’s a decent counter to Golem, but even then Golem decks have a good chance at winning if played correctly. It’s still really bad against air decks like Lava-Loon with Tombstone and Skarmy.
  • Freeze(B) – Poison is a safer pairing with GY than Freeze so Freeze moves down a little. It still gets a little play in some GY decks, as well as Balloon decks so it only gets a 1 tier demotion.
  • Goblin Gang(C) – This card would probably be ranked a little higher if Poison didn’t get a buff. It’s a nice concept of a card and has a nice niche, but right now it’s being played mostly in Log bait decks. It can counter Graveyard decently well (even with Poison) if you place the GG away from the GY spawn zone and let the Goblins run into the spawn zone while letting the Spear Goblins stay outside of it.
  • Elite Barbarians(A) – Part of what made Elite Barbarians successful was that you could catch people out of cycle of their swarm cards or they would only have like 2 elixir and the card they would want to play is 3 elixir and the EB would outrun the drop delay. Skeletons and Ice Spirit coming back in the meta means that they could react immediately and keep dragging the EB towards the middle.
  • Arrows(B) – The main reason to carry Arrows are when Minions are the biggest counter to your deck. If your opponent doesn’t run anything Arrow-able, you’re down a card slot. Poison is more versatile and a safer choice at the moment.
  • Guards(B) – Too many ground swarm troops in the meta right now (Skeleton Army and Goblin Gang) means that if you’re missing one, you could replace it with any of the other two for a decent replacement (NOT AN EXACT REPLACEMENT!). Either way, they all suffer against Poison right now.
  • Barbarian Hut(B) – It actually has a decent place in the meta because it super counters Golem + Lightning. But it has tough matchups against the other meta decks like Lava/Loon and Graveyard.
  • Hog Rider(B) – When an Ice Spirit + Skeletons combo can stop a Hog Rider from getting any hits, you know it’s going to struggle. It’s been on a downswing for a while now and it used to be a good card at punishing your opponent when they were at low elixir. With the 1 elixir brothers so common in the meta, those opportunities are more rare.
  • Cannon(B) – Out of the top 3 meta decks (Golem + Lightning, Log bait, Lava/Loon), Cannon is effective at dealing with one of them (Golem) and almost useless against the other two. Sure, it can distract the Balloon, but that’s a high investment for a couple second delay. Also, it’s really good at dealing with Hog Rider, but that card isn’t seen as much anymore anyway.

D Tier

These cards either have bad stats, are easily countered, or are just outshined by other cards that do a better job. You’ll see them sometimes, and they may even help win a game or two, but not consistently.

No new entrants this week!

F Tier

The worst of the worst. You will rarely see these cards and it is even rarer to see these cards used effectively.

  • Spear Goblins(D) – The newest addition to the wall of shame. At 1 elixir more, you get basically double the value with Goblin Gang. It’s hard for me to think of an effective deck with Spear Goblins that wouldn’t be more effective with one of the other ranged troops. And here is when someone in the comments proves me wrong…

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  1. Devender Thakur

    great news. waiting for this update 🙂

  2. Gavin

    Actually I think witch can be C because her buff allow it to kill skeletons so graveyard is less annoying although poison can do the same too, also poor spear goblins, the best card became the worst. Since goblin gang arrived why stab goblins were still D but not F?

  3. Gavin

    The next list I think will be totally different , I expect it this way

    Bomb tower: F-D (big projection buff)
    Clone: D-C or B (charge troop will no longer be reset)
    Prince C- B (clone buff)
    Dark prince: D- C or B (same as prince, can actually stop elite barbarians with ice spirit with an elixir advantage)
    Sparky: F- B, C or D (same as prince and dark prince)
    Wizard: D-F (hate to put it, but witch buff hurts, she kills skeletons faster and minions nearly as fast as him, spawns skeletons to distract any popular high damage dealers)
    Rage: D-F (hate to put it, but lumberjack’s bug fix hurts)
    Arrows: C-A ( projection big buff)
    Witch : D-C (less annoying graveyard, damage buff help against graveyard poison without dying (if I’m correct she doesn’t die to poison for a full 8 seconds) )
    Giant: A-S (if you think this goison works)
    Poison: A-S(if you think Giant – poison – bowler – graveyard- witch works)
    Graveyard: S- ??? (To good to be S, S isn’t even enough for graveyard if you rely the combo I wrote in poison)
    Bowler: ???-S ( same as poison) Also what tier is he? Can’t find it
    Lumberjack: C-A or even S (bug fix really helps, feels like a troop that only cost 4 elixir that does high damage and drops a great level rage)

    Just an expectation, not necessary to follow,

    1. Wagonut

      Will look at this again once the next list comes out and see how much you got right! I think it’ll depend on how the new cards play out too

  4. Gavin

    also I read the comment Clyde wrote on Reddit saying she suffered on lightning meta, I agree , but however she can at least made a good deal to graveyard, especially the time your Valkyrie , bowler etc. Try to counter the graveyard but got freezed ,and you got no damage spell to stop it, the witch is really the last hope, cause ice wiz isn’t powerful enough to 1 shot them, dark prince isn’t reliable (although I love the dark prince) and wizard can but witch is faster and more defensive. And she basically can’t get killed by any spell except rocket and lightning, which both were negative elixir trade, she can’t even got killed by a fireball which is 4 levels higher than her, whereas wizard gets killed 1 shot by a fireball only 1 level higher, she stops any high damage dealers as her skeletons stop them, and before Ledoot rejoined the 1 elixir skeletons they were C right? If the witch spawns the same troop and number, she should be C, although again, I know lightning is popular, but at least she’s better than wizard overall, right ?

  5. Pingback: Interview with Clyde: Team Phoenix's new Clash Royale team captain! |

  6. oscar

    The witch and wizard are good now. and valkyrie. I thik they are all C or maybe d

    1. Gavin

      Wizard is good, but it should be F cause witch , ice wiz and E- Wiz outclassed him, you know what I’m talking about the E wiz? I think it’s the worst, used to…… but now it’s awesome! But I don’t use him cause I can’t think of a deck with E wiz, can anyone tell me a good E wiz deck? Valkyrie is definitely not D, as you know those popular cards (Larry army, graveyard etc.) she works great against skeleton army , but after the update witch works better against graveyard.

      1. Noob

        Golem, E-wiz, pump, minions, skeletons (1 elixir), baby dragon, lightning, arrows/zap/log it works for me and is awesome!!!

  7. bad

    worst chart
    moesports sucks!!!!!!

    1. Wagonut

      lol thanks? 🙂

  8. Deshroom

    I’m in Arena 9. Got many Legendaries on lvl 1 (missing GY and ElectroW) my current deck is:

    Skeletons 9
    Minions 9
    Ice Spirit 9
    Barbarians 9
    Fire Spirits 9
    Musketeer 6
    Log 1

    I tried a lot of decks with tanks but fast aggressive deck seem to be most versatile. Any advice to change current deck?
    I tried Golem, Royal Giant, Inferno Dragon with Baby dragon and Princess, Ice Wizard.
    I don’tlike Legendaries on lvl 1 too much.

    1. Deshroom

      Forgot Elite barbarians lvl 10

    2. Wagonut

      Maybe Hog Rider to complete the fast cycle deck?

  9. JJ Benzie

    I think princess should be A tier because it is such a safe option to kill swarm cards, putting it behind an arena tower, and it needs to be answered, its not a card you can leave alone.

    1. Gavin

      Meh, I used her but not the best, miner should always be S cause he’s the one of the 2 toughest legendary

  10. mjehdgjfkrjfhrm,.klref

    SPARKY IS THE BEST CARD, join Rock Hard clan for weekly tourneys and level 10 clan chest


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