Clash Royale Bandit Draft Challenge is coming! Here are our tips for getting 12 wins

In just a few hours the Bandit Draft Challenge will be live! Unlike the previous Electro Wizard and Batter Ram challenges, players will have to draft their decks rather than construct them around the mandatory card.  Here are our quick tips for success in this Challenge:

1) Focus on drafting tanks, flyers and melee troops!

Only one player will have the Bandit, and there’s a good chance that she’ll end up in your opponent’s deck (especially if you choose not to draft it!).  As seen in our preview, the Bandit dominates in the 4-6 tile attack range and will eat up squishy ranged troops.  Try to build your deck around tanks and flying troops, and pick up a few spells to deal with the squishies.  Even if your opponent ends up given you the Bandit, you’ll at least have taken away cards that would be effective counters against her!

As tempting as it is to draft the Bandit, the good ol’ fashion Knight will stop her with ease

2) When in doubt, select the stronger card

Since half your deck will be made up of cards that are discarded by your opponent, it’s unlikely that you’ll find too much synergy between your cards.  If you’re struggling to choose between 2 cards that seem to serve the same function (ie. Knight v.s. Mini P.E.K.K.A. or Tesla v.s. Inferno Tower) just refer to Clyde’s latest tier list!

3) Play conservatively

This doesn’t apply exclusively to the draft challenge, but play conservatively through the first card cycle to see what other cards your opponent is holding, and strategize to shut them down the next time around.  Yes, you could catch your opponent off guard with an early Hog Rider/Elite Barbarians, but one quick counter attack will likely leave you with little Elixir to defend and a lot of damage to your tower.

Good luck on getting the 12 wins!


  1. joyhn cena

    this is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i got 0 wins and 3 losses

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Keep trying and work on the drafts! I went 2-3 twice before getting 12 wins 🙂

      1. Derpy

        That happened to me too.

        1. jose jr


  2. Random Guy

    Thanks 🙂 Really Helpful!

  3. Person

    Not useful because I still get only 1 win every time

  4. Dheeraj Kumar

    Not useful

  5. Chris

    I’m using this strategy and I’m currently 7-1. Really helpful, hopefully I can pull it off.

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Great to hear, hope you can get 12 wins!

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  7. Maria

    i got 0 win and 3 losses Bbbbbbbb Mmmmmmmm Brbrbrbrgrbrrg :p

  8. Conor

    I got 8 wins and got a miner in the magical chest

    1. Wagonut (Post author)


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  10. LAKI

    i am reading this in 2018 maaan!!!!!! xD


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