Critical Ops: World Cup Tournament competition heats up

It has been awhile since we have covered Critical Ops, but the competitive scene has been heating up with numerous talented teams entering the scene.  Hosted by our friends at (which have recently announced a long term partnership with G-Fuel), the tournament kicked off last week with 64 teams competing in Round 1.  For those who are unfamiliar with the tournament format, here’s a quick recap below:

World Cup Settings
  • Starting March 5th
  • 4vs4
  • 64 Teams Invited
  • Round 1, 2, & 3: Best of 1
  • Round 4 and Semi-Finals: Best of 3
  • Finals: Best of 5
  • Bureau Map

Heading into Round 2, it will be interesting to see whether any of the indie teams will be able to upset the multi-eSports orgs that have been dominating the C-Ops competitive scene, including both Hammers Team (Redemption and Uprising), Phoenix Reign, and Gankstars.  You can catch the Round 2 action live starting tomorrow (March 18th) at 10am PDT on Twitch, Mobcrush, or YouTube.  And you haven’t laid your hands on C-Ops yet, then be sure to download it on the Apple App Store or Google Play!


  1. S.C

    Super cell did not give me any legendary except a lava hound and im now arena 8

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Keep playing and check out our latest article for more info on Legendary chests!


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