Drop rate for Clash Royale Legendary/Epic/Super Magical Chests revealed

Long time Clash Royale players should all know by now that the Silver/Gold/Giant/Magical Chests you get from winning are based on a preset 240 chest drop cycle (covered exactly a year ago by us!).  However, did you know that Legendary/Epic/Super Magical Chests also have predetermined drop rates??

As revealed by good ol’ Orange Juice, the Legendary/Epic/Super Magical Chest cycle is independent from the regular 240 chest cycle!  Instead, the 3 chests are each programmed to drop once every 500 chest that you earn, meaning that every player that have won 500 chest should have earned at least one Legendary, Epic, and Super Magical Chest!  A few interesting notes about this cycle:

  • Unlike the 240 chest cycle, the order in which the Legendary/Epic/Super Magical Chest appear are not predetermined, meaning that you can received any of these chest in the very beginning of the cycle, or the very end of the cycle.  So if you have won 400+ chests and still haven’t received your Legendary drop yet – don’t get frustrated!  The Chest(s) you have been long waiting for are just around the corner…
  • Because the cycle is not predetermined, it is theoretically possible for you to receive back-to-back Legendary Chests if if happens to be the last chest in your first cycle, and the first chest in your second cycle!  But if you do get 2 Legendary Chests back-to-back, then don’t expect to receive one again for at least another 499+ chest wins…
  • The Legendary/Epic/Super Magical Chest you earn can substitute any chest in your normal 240 chest cycle.  Chances are it will replace a Silver or Gold chest; but if you’re unlucky one of the 3 chests could take up your regular Giant Chest or Magical Chest slot!



  1. jhelezen☆☆™

    nak elektro wizard

  2. Hog riiiideeeer

    I’m in arena 7 and haven’t got a legendary chest

    1. Jared Miller

      606 wins, no legendary chest 🙁

  3. Karlo20005

    Supercall pleas give me to super magical chest

  4. DAHAT CR7

    I am arena 8 i have onle grave yard and inferno dragon

  5. DAHAT CR7

    I want a prenss

  6. Messi sousa

    Supercall please give me 2legendary chest

  7. Collinsboy720

    I am in arena7 was in 8 still no legendary or super mag chest just got giant chest though and scored graveyard hopefully can get super mag and legendary soon!!!!!!!!

  8. Handren

    I want only one inferno dragon🙁

  9. Sterix

    Supercell please give me super magical chest

    1. José

      I want alut of gems

  10. orges kampioni

    supercell please give mi legenadary chest arena 7

  11. Malik

    Super cell I want a legendary 2 please my friend said I suck I want grave yard and minor I want that thanks super cell

  12. Destructor

    I am in Arena 7 and got just epic chest.NO LEGENDARY CHEST.WHYYYYYYYY


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