Vainglory Spring Season Championships To Be Held at London’s O2

Vainglory has just announced that it will hold its first Unified Live Spring Season Championship at the O2 in London.  From May 19 to 21, the top six teams from North America and Europe will compete in front of a live audience for the seasonal Championship.

As another step up in Vainglory competition, this will be the first seasonal Championship in which NA and Europe teams will be competing together, rather than in their separate regional championships.  eSport team Fnatic (designated as Vainglory’s official “London” team) will act as the host for this tournament.

The Vainglory 8 season competition has been hotly contested with consistent performances by established teams (TSM and G2Sports), as well as surprises such as Cyclone and the newly reformed Hammers team who have been holding down the Top 3 positions in their respective regions.  With 4 major eSports orgs (Immortals, Rogue, Echo Fox and Misfits) currently struggling to earn points in the NA bracket, it will be interesting to see which 2 teams will qualify for the trip to London.

Early-bird tickets are available now on Eventbrite.  For fans unable to attend the event, the action will be streamed live on Vainglory’s Twitch.TV, Facebook and YouTube channels.

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