Everything you need to know about Clash Royale’s upcoming “Retro Royale”

Having been playing Clash Royale since soft launch, we can’t help but to feel a little warm inside when the “Retro Royale” challenge was announced today.  Though looking back at just one year ago should hardly be considered “retro”, the concept of having a challenge with only the cards from the game’s initial release definitely brings back some fond memories.  Below is a quick recap of the challenge rules:

  • Play with only classic cards from the March 2016 release
  • Players will only need 6 wins to complete the challenge
  • Collect one time rewards as you progress, including a Magical Chest at 5 wins
  • Get one free entry (10 Gems thereafter)
  • Retro Royale runs from Mar 30 – Apr 3

In case you want to start practicing for this challenge and forgot which cards were available when the game first launch, here is the full list below:

Before you start looking back at what decks were “hot” back when the game first launched, remember that there has been many balance changes since March of last year – with changes to Skeleton Army, Goblin Barrel, and Elixir Collector (a must-have back in the days!) being some of the most notable.  Here’s a few decks that we suggest you can try with these cards:

Mortar Siege – Mortar/Knight/Tombstone/Minions/Lightning/Skeleton Army/Archers/Zap

Woody made his name from being arguably the game’s best Mortar players back when the game had first launched.  While some key cards from his old deck aren’t available, the support from Minions/Knight/Archers to defend the Mortar and Lightning to clear buildings and troops should be sufficient to make this deck effective in the challenge.

Hog/Barbs Rampage – Hog Rider/Barbarians/Prince/Skeletons/Tombstone/Fireball/Baby Dragon/Zap

My personal classic deck that first got me into Legendary Arena, The Hog Rider/Barbarian counter-pushes will be very difficult to counter – unless your opponent for some reason opts to use Bomb Tower!  Alternatively players can pair Hog up with Freeze for the classic-but-deadly Hog/Freeze combo.

Giant-Loon – Giant/Balloon/Elixir Collector/Minion Horde/Musketeer/Zap/Mini P.E.K.K.A./Fireball

Giant and Balloon, the 1-2 combo that is still effective to this day.  Use your Mini P.E.K.K.A. and Musketeer on defense, and counter with the Giant-led counter push, followed by the deadly Balloon tower attack.  Watch out for Inferno Towers – you’ll need your Minion Horde to bait its attacks.


  1. Mister Fullback

    I just finished my first retro royale and went 6-2. The decks I used:
    Freezy-fecta: Freeze, Hog Rider, Valkyrie, Musketeer, Inferno Tower, Arrows, Fireball, Archers
    Started off 2-2, including one loss to:
    Hog Cycle: Hog Rider, Musketeer, Skeletons (4-pack), Knight, Fireball, Tombstone, Arrows, Zap
    Switched decks and went 4-0, for a 6-2 final result. Two of the four matches the only damage to my towers was done by a frustrated fireball at my king tower in defeat.

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